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“You’re sure?”

He scoffed. “Fuck, Harper, yes, I’m sure. I want you with me all the damn time. The few nights we spend apart suck. I just… I need you.”

She peered up at him with his favorite smile. The one she only gave him—special, sexy, full of love and affection. “Same. I’d love to move in with you.”

“Fuck yes.” He said the words on an exhale as tension bled from his body. Even though he’d assumed she would agree, a sliver of doubt remained.

They kissed, then resumed watching the sunset. A family of four walked through their field of vision, laughing and gathering shells in the water.

“You want that?” he asked as he watched them.

Harper’s breath caught. She didn’t pretend to misunderstand. “Yes. I think I do. Someday.”

The thought of Harper growing round with his child had his dick hardening. Yeah, he could envision that future. “Me too.”



“I didn’t think about those things for so long because I thought they were off the table for me. But you’ve shown me that nothing is out of my reach anymore. You’ve given me the life I never dared to dream about.”

Christ, when she said things like that and gave him those glimpses into how bleak her existence had been, he felt his heart crack. But she always repaired it in the same sentence by expressing how much she loved the life they were building.

“Never stop dreaming, baby. I’ll make every damn one come true for you.”

As she’d already done for him.