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“So you’re just going to hit it and run, Mr. President?” She displays her legs open and rubs her hands over her titties.

“Be good, greedy. I have to go to my office.” Leaning over, I kiss her mouth and berate myself for having to walk away from this delicious mama in our bed. Thankfully, the garden is a direct path to my office, giving me the chance to slip in through the outside entrance without being seen or stopped. Especially since my angry, fire breathing cock hasn’t gone down.

“Good morning Mr. President. Your video conference is set up and ready to start in three minutes.” Cutting it close. Damn tight pussy.

“Thank you Celia.” Grabbing my folder with all of our talking points and my own personal take on the situation, I straighten out my tie and have a seat behind my desk. Running my fingers through my hair, I slip one hand under the desk, squeezing my cock, trying to appease him for right now, when I hear the outside door open behind me.

“Do you need a hand with that, Mr. President? Or should I say a mouth?” My jaw drops look at her in nothing but a jacket and heels.

“Angel what the..” Before I can finish the words she is on her knees crawling over to me. I hear the beep of the conference call coming through, but my eyes are fixed on this pregnant feline, prancing on the lush, carpeted floor. I expect her to come around toward me, but instead, she slinks her way under my floating desk, her eyes piercing right to my libido before she disappears. The obnoxious beep sounds once more and she giggles, hands at my belt.

“You might want to get that, Sir. Don’t mind me, I have plenty to keep me occupied.” Stunned and no longer able to have a coherent thought, my hand hits the button on autopilot and within seconds, dozens of faces light up my flat screen.

“So glad you could join us.” The President of the National Bank says, in his snide, sarcastic voice.

“Yeah.” I answer lamely, my mind fritzing out when her tiny hand grip my cock from my pants and pulls it out. Someone on the screen is saying something, but all of the oxygen is rushing through my head, silencing my ears and funneling its way right to my dick.

“My, my, my, Mr. President. What a big head you have.” Oh shit. I put my hand on her head to try to stop her, but she brushes it aside and giggles.

“What do you think President Lore?” The question comes right as she puts the head of my cock in her mouth, like the most unfortunately beautiful symphony. Too bad for the audience unaware, I am moving to a different tempo.

“Fuck!” I hiss, coughing to cover it up. Her head bobs up and down, the warm wetness of her spit, making me delirious.

“President Lore?” Oh shit. Oh fuck.

“Sure. Sounds good.” I have no idea what the hell I just agreed to but my cock hitting the back of her throat, with her hands fondling my balls, is making me blind, it's short circuiting any cells I have left, and I can’t do anything to stop it. She hollows out her jaws and pushes her head further down. My ass lifts off the chair, knees bumping the underside of the desk, but my hands are pushing her further down. “God damn it.” I spit out before disconnecting the call, and shouting my release into the room. “Don’t fucking move. You better swallow all of it, you little minx.”

I can hear her coughing trying to catch the buckets of cum spurting into her mouth. As much as I want to keep her down there, I know her face is red and wet, covered in her tears from gagging, with snot running down her face. So, like the sick fuck I can be, I push my chair back, pull her from underneath and plop her on top of my desk. “Dalton?’ I know my face looks upset, but far from it. I am out of my mind for this treasure sitting before me.

“Are you satisfied, my naughty little cum slut? You ruined my fucking conference call and my heart.” I tell her, my voice gruffer than I mean it to be. She looks near tears again until she sees the smirk on my face. “For any other woman, ever. Jesus what did I do to deserve you?” I ask her, placing my forehead on hers.

“You showed me what love is.” My eyes trace her naked, supple body, hitting her plump tits, watching them jiggle up and down.

Bending my head, I lick one of the nipples, looking at her in her hooded eyes. “I can’t wait for your milk to come in, baby. I want to watch it drip, and flavor all of my drinks with it. This teenage pussy is going to be bred non-stop.” She whines and rocks against my hardening cock.

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