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The hours pass by slowly with mundane actions like signing things, taking phone calls about policies I don’t give a shit about right now. Hell, I even had to sit across from her father, my VP and maintain a conversation with this man like I don’t want to cream pie his daughter and dirty up her innocence. “Sir, do you need anything else for the night?” Celia asks, sticking her head in the door.

“No, that will be all.” She hasn’t come to my office once today and that is another thing that is sending me to the crazy house. I haven’t looked at her beautiful cherub face for the last eight hours. No cute texts or secret notes like she has gotten into the habit of doing. Grabbing my phone, I shoot her a text.

Me: Where the hell have you been?

I see the bubbles of her messages popping up telling me she is responding. Thank fuck because I don’t think I could handle her not answering me in the state I am in.

Fertile Angel: Getting ready for you.

She puts a tongue emoji with wetness coming out of the mouth and I cover my mouth, so the hungry growl doesn’t escape. And yes you read it right. She is my fertile angel, and I am going to prove it for years to come.

Me: You better be ready, angel. Nothing is going to stop me from claiming you tonight. Nothing between us or against us. Think you can handle it?

Fertile Angel: I can handle anything you give me, D. (Insert smiley face)

Cheeky little brat.

Done with any and everything for the day, I make my way to the Presidential Suite and address my security. “You are relieved for the night and morning gentlemen.” They each look at me like I have lost it and they might be right, but tonight, I want her to focus on us and not if her father is going to find out by morning.

“Are you sure, Sir?”

“I am. Please go.” They both hesitate for a moment before walking away.

Entering the suite, I see my instructions for my maid have been carried out as asked. The floor is covered in pink rose petals, her favorite. The room is lit with blush colored LED lights, strategically placed, giving the room a soft glow. The bed is covered in white lace and silk, the only two materials befitting an innocent angel like her.

My hands are fucking shaking while I shower, my body feels like it is going through withdrawal. Every ounce of me is stewing, bubbling up threatening to boil over with anticipation and a want so strong I feel like a goddamn fiend. I am trying to breath, to bring the level of adrenalin going through me to a normal level so I don’t fucking rip her close off and pound her into the ground, but I am losing the battle and the thing is, I think she would love it.

Pacing the floor in my boxers I am beginning to worry when I hear the doorknob turn. I rush the door, shutting it the moment she is in and pull her into my arms. My nose runs up and down the side of her face inhaling her sweet innocent fragrance. My mouth feels parched from the need to wet it with her essence.

“Fuck you smell good.” I growl. But it's the goddamn truth. She smells like sunshine and teenage candy. The kind girls love because it smells like cotton candy and strawberries.

“So do you.” She says, moaning while I lick up her neck. My hands, I know, are gripping her hard, as I grind my eager cock into the middle of her dress covered pussy. Knowing that my hands are leaving bruises on her makes me more excited to leave more.

“D, I have been waiting so long for this day.” She turns her head and looks at me letting me see the truth in her words. I can see the vulnerability in them, sparkling for me, reminding me she is new to this and my future. I should be slowing down, taking my time to preserve her innocence, nurture it and let it bloom on its own, but I can’t. Something inside me wants to turn her into my dirty little cum slut. I want her as hungry and greedy for me as I have been for her the last two years.

“D.” She squeaks when I rip her dress down the middle. I take a slight step back and admire the work of art God has given to me.

“Damn angel. Do you know how delicious you are.” I lick my lips desperate for a taste.

“No. Tell me.” She says, swaying her sexy ass hips. I love how open she is. How unveiled and honest her words are. She has never once hid her desire for me, even when it was fucking torture being able to do nothing about it.

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