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At first I was nervous, especially about what my father would say when he found out, but surprisingly, he thought I was perfect for the job, given how much time I spent with my mom who did the exact same thing. Besides, D says it is better for us if I am out of the building during the day. “Thank you. I will be ready.” hanging up, I go through my closet and pull out my white a-line dress. Today I am meeting with the Monarch League. A group of stuffy old women who come from old money and spend their time in gardens sipping tea and gossiping about those less fortunate than them. I despise shit like that. However, in order to keep up appearances, they have to donate a portion of their yearly funds to charity. Hence where I am going.

Dressed and makeup done just right, I grab my purse and walk toward the corridor. I pass by his office, my entire body stalls, temptation pulling me to barge in and demand his attention. I lick my lips, my pussy throbbing for one round at least to get me through the day, but I know I cannot.

Reluctantly, I continue past the door and into the archway corridor. Halfway through it, I hear a door open and then I am pulled inside. “Were you going somewhere without leaving me a parting gift, angel?” He whispers in my ear. I shiver at the caress of his warm breath on my skin.

“I thought you were busy.” I tell him honestly, moaning when his fingers brush up against my breast.

“Never too busy for you, baby. I know my seed has dried up; I need to put more inside of you. Bend over and hold the table.” Giddy and so fucking horny, I do as I am told, laying my purse on it. He doesn’t bother taking my panties off; he simply moves them to the side and moans when he sees my pussy is already wet. “Christ, your pussy is beautiful. I could come just from looking at how pink and plump it is. Your tiny hole wet and winking at me, opening and closing in anticipation. It’s a work of art baby.”

“Oh, please. Please.” I whimper over and over.

“I have been beating this stick for hours waiting for you to wake up. It is going to be a quick one, angel. Rub your clit so you are with me.” Immediately my hand goes to my release button. I rub it vigorously wanting to come with him.

“Shit. Son of a bitch.” He shouts quietly when he shoves himself inside of me.

“Always so full when you are inside of me, Mr. President.” I call him the name that always makes his cock spit quick. He says when I say it, it makes him feel savage.

“Damn right baby.” He pulls the cheeks of my ass open, and I feel something warm hit my rosebud.

“You’re so dirty, D. Why is it so hot?”

“It’s hot because you love knowing all of me is in you. Even my spit.” he is so right. With his thumb he rubs his spit into my ass, dipping his finger in and out. “Shit. Your so fucking tight. It's like I haven’t spent the last 2 months breaking you in. Fucking teen pussy is too damn perfect. Fuck baby. I’m not going to last. Get there, Everleigh. Now.” His balls hit me just right and I muffle my own release. He buries his face in my neck, sinks his teeth and grits out his release. The pain from his teeth spurs another mini orgasm from. My toes curl and my stomach contracts.

“Damn it. I’m late now.” I say, giggling.

“Nothing is more important than our need for one another. Now turn around.” Jell-O legs and a racing heart hardly aid me as I try to turn. My head lolls to the side, relaxation taking over my entire body. “Up you go baby.” He lifts me onto the desk in the room and opens my legs. He puts each of them on top of the desk and steps back. “God, you look like an erotic painting. Look at that white seed dripping out of you. Squeeze that pussy and let it drip on this cock so I can stuff back inside of you.”

“Your filthy mouth is going to make me late.” I whine, but it doesn’t stop my pussy from contracting in greed. I can feel it dripping down.

“Yes, shit. Drip that baby juice on me.” I lean over and watch it fall onto his cock. He rubs it, stroking his hard-on. “I’m putting it back inside of you, angel.” He spits on his cock them slides back into me but doesn’t move. “Christ. Don’t move. This is just to make it stick, baby. Son of a bitch I want to move so bad.” he growls. His cock twitches inside of me. I throw my head back and cry out as another orgasm simply from him being inside of me.

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