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Then Massimo “Jesus Val! Get some clothes on.”

I turn to look over my shoulder and see both he and Luca covering their wife’s eyes. “Don't need clothes.” He retorts as he starts up the stairs. “Need bed. Our bed.” They all laughs.

As we get to the top I hear Livianna call after us. “Don't forget to feed and water your prisoner.”

We get to the room and Tino throws me on the bed, then turns and goes back to the door. Shutting and locking it. Returning to me he crawls up the bed until his body covers mine. His erection pressing against my core. Moaning at the contact of our hot skin.

“Not asking you. Not giving you the chance to say no. We’re married. You want a wedding, done. We’ll start planning it. You want a honeymoon, we’ll go for a month. You want a house, I’ll tell my guys to start building. The only thing I won’t give you is space.” He buries his head in my shoulder. “Lost you for seven years the first time, then two hours the second. Can’t do it again.”

“Tino...” Tears sting my eyes at his admission.

“You're mine.”

“I'm yours.” I say with as much conviction and love as I can pour into my voice.

“Good.” Then his mouth is on me.

I don’t need a proposal, I just wanted to tease him. His beast is calm, but that doesn't mean I can’t bring him out to play with me when the mood strikes.

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