“He’s my son. My own flesh and blood, Logan. You can’t keep him from me.” Natasha’s voice grew low.

“Watch me,” I snapped and stood from the table, unable to sit there any longer.

“He’ll hate you.”

I froze mid step half way out of the room. Slowly, I craned my head at the brazen woman now standing behind me.

She stepped around me, my gaze following her. She smiled, and I watched a malicious smile grow on her face. “He’s going to grow up eventually and when he does, he’ll find me or I’ll find him.” She stepped closer, reaching out and brushing her hand down my chest. “I’ll tell him you kept us apart and he’ll hate you forever.”

I snatched her hand traveling down to the drawstrings of my pants. “Don’t you dare come into my home and threaten me!” I released her hand, shoving it away, repulsed. “I’ll make sure he knows exactly the kind of woman his mother is.”

I walked around her and out of the room. My hands pumping into a fist, jaw clenched.

How dare she?

“Logan, please. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Natasha came up behind me, her hands resting on my arms.

I shrugged her off, disgusted by her once arousing touch. She stepped in front of me again, testing my patience. I could never hurt a woman but Julia was in the next room, no doubt listening, waiting to throw Natasha out with one word from my mouth.

“I want you gone,” I said, my voice hard.

“I’m not leaving town,” she replied with ease, ignoring my threatening scowl, and walked to the front door. “I’m staying in a hotel nearby. Here’s their card with my room number on it as well as my cell number.”

Natasha placed the shiny cream business card on the antique table beside the door.

“I want to make this work. Our family, please Logan, for Oliver.” Natasha opened the door, the cool night air reminding me of the reality waiting outside those doors. “I’ll be in touch.” Natasha closed the door behind her.

“Don’t you dare say you’re going to actually think about giving her another chance?”

I turned to see Julia storming down the hall toward me.

“Not now.” I sighed, running my hands down my face and around the back of my neck. I needed to think.

Her voice grew louder as I walked past her up the stairs and headed to my bedroom where I slammed the door shut behind me. Without a single clear thought I threw on a clean black shirt, dark pair of jeans and headed back down stairs.

“I’m going out.”

“What?” Julia frowned, still standing where I left her minutes earlier. “The girl you care about is lying in a hospital bed because of a drunk driver and you’re going to go out? I know what that means, Logan!”

“I’m not going to drink. Not this time. I just need...” I sighed, dropping my head. I had no clue what I needed. Slowly I lifted my gaze back up at her.

The thought of getting drunk brought up nothing but bad memories. No, I needed some fresh air and somewhere to think. Before Cassandra, I would have gone straight to Haven and screwed the first woman that greeted me with a smile, but now everything was different. Forever changed. My body belonged to Cassandra along with everything else.

I ached for her in a way I never thought possible. Not for sex, but for her company. Her bright-smile, her sweet laugh. I would take anything she could offer at this point.

I walked out to my garage and ripped the cloth cover from my vintage motorcycle and pulled on my helmet. It had been months since I had gone for a ride and I wondered if Cassandra would one day ride with me. The thought of having her that close, holding onto to my body, a shiver raced up my spine and shot through my neck.

Her hands gripped around my waist, I could only dream of such a heaven.

Within minutes, I was on the back country road, cool air blowing against my face. The heaviness in my head lifted as I took every curve with slow precision.

I was in no hurry that night. It would be wrong to attempt to stay home in my current condition.

Tightening my hands on the grips, I let my mind drift through all the possibilities and all the ways I could convince Cassandra to let me back in.

I would never give up.

I was hers and someday she would be mine.

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