Adult Novels (Page 1 of 95)

Sold To My Boss's Friends by S.E. Law
Adult 24 Pages
Claim by Michelle St. James
Adult 67 Pages
Passport to Him by Brittany McMahan
Adult 82 Pages
Beauty in the Billionaire's Bed by Louise Fuller
Adult 80 Pages
Twin Brothers by Mia Ford
Adult 450 Pages
Daddy's Little Warrior (Daddy 13) by Lila Fox
Adult 39 Pages
Tempest in Eden by Sandra Brown
Adult 49 Pages
Yogasm: A Romantic Comedy by Jane Henry
Adult 71 Pages
Little Dancer by Brianna Hale
Adult 56 Pages
Fix You by Carrie Elks
Adult 102 Pages
One Unforgettable Weekend by Andrea Laurence
Adult 37 Pages
His Curvy Teacher by Nyla Lily
Adult 19 Pages
The Assistant by Marni Mann
Adult 65 Pages
Devastated by Em Brown
Adult 98 Pages
Sutton's Scoundrel (The Sinful Suttons 5) by Scarlett Scott
Adult 64 Pages
Sutton's Seduction (The Sinful Suttons 4) by Scarlett Scott
Adult 68 Pages
Sutton's Surrender (The Sinful Suttons 3) by Scarlett Scott
Adult 53 Pages
Sutton's Sins (The Sinful Suttons 2) by Scarlett Scott
Adult 76 Pages
Sutton's Spinster (The Sinful Suttons 1) by Scarlett Scott
Adult 83 Pages
Club de Fleurs 4: Rachel by Rose Nickol
Adult 32 Pages
Club de Fleurs 2: Sadie by Rose Nickol
Adult 34 Pages
The Billionaire's Big Bold Wonder (The Billionaires Club) by Nichole Rose
Adult 29 Pages
The Billionaire's Big Bold Wish (The Billionaires Club) by Nichole Rose
Adult 33 Pages
The Billionaire's Big Bold Weakness (The Billionaires Club) by Nichole Rose
Adult 37 Pages
Shadow Kissed (Magic Side: Wolf Bound 4) by Veronica Douglas
Adult 126 Pages
Dark Lies (Magic Side: Wolf Bound 3) by Veronica Douglas
Adult 128 Pages
Untamed Fate (Magic Side: Wolf Bound 2) by Veronica Douglas
Adult 303 Pages
Wolf Marked (Magic Side: Wolf Bound 1) by Veronica Douglas
Adult 146 Pages
Submitting to the Baron by Em Brown
Adult 12 Pages
Driving Stick (Bride of the Billionaire) by Jenna Rose
Adult 16 Pages
The Single Dad (The Dalton Brothers 3) by Marni Mann
Adult 121 Pages
The Billionaire (The Dalton Brothers 2) by Marni Mann
Adult 105 Pages
The Lawyer (The Dalton Brothers 1) by Marni Mann
Adult 89 Pages
Room Fourteen: Making Her Beg by Amanda Keen
Adult 36 Pages
The Party Starts at Midnight by Lucy King
Adult 78 Pages
Room Twenty-Two: Hide and Seek by Mila Crawford
Adult 34 Pages
Their Reign (The Rite Trilogy 3) by A. Zavarelli
Adult 67 Pages
Her Boyfriend's Father by Jenna Rose
Adult 18 Pages
Broken Soul (Jackson Family 3) by T.O. Smith
Adult 45 Pages
Please, Daddy (Jackson Family 2) by T.O. Smith
Adult 52 Pages