Dark Novels (Page 1 of 19)

Little Dancer by Brianna Hale
Dark 56 Pages
Twisted Lies (Twisted 4) by Ana huang
Dark 176 Pages
Twisted Hate (Twisted 3) by Ana huang
Dark 161 Pages
Twisted Games (Twisted 2) by Ana huang
Dark 135 Pages
Twisted Love (Twisted 1) by Ana huang
Dark 94 Pages
Their Reign (The Rite Trilogy 3) by A. Zavarelli
Dark 67 Pages
Stolen by a Sinner (Sinners 3) by Michelle Heard
Dark 91 Pages
Luke's Touch (Walker Security - Lucifer's Trilogy 2) by Lisa Renee Jones
Dark 50 Pages
Good Girls Never Rise: A Dark Boarding School Romance by S.J. Sylvis
Dark 122 Pages
Pretty Little Sins (Kings of Bolten 2) by K.G. Reuss
Dark 157 Pages
Dirty Little Secrets (Kings of Bolten 1) by K.G. Reuss
Dark 137 Pages
Love Me (Love The Way Duet 3) by W. Winters, Willow Winters
Dark 59 Pages
Imperfect Affections by Charmaine Pauls
Dark 115 Pages
Bad Boys Never Fall by S.J. Sylvis
Dark 70 Pages
Averie and the Grizzly Skulls by Sullyn Shaw
Dark 34 Pages
Strangers in my Bed by Jade West
Dark 221 Pages
The Beast by Jenika Snow
Dark 29 Pages
Theirs Forever (Mafia Menage Trilogy 4) by Julia Sykes
Dark 20 Pages
Bradford Bastard (Bradford Bastard 1) by Sheridan Anne
Dark 130 Pages
Shattered By Control by B.B. Hamel
Dark 89 Pages
Hunt by Taylor Rose, Kenya Wright
Dark 124 Pages
Father (Blood Brotherhood 1) by Loki Renard
Dark 65 Pages
Never Hide Again by Garnet Christie
Dark 105 Pages
When the Dark Wins by Addison Cain
Dark 207 Pages
Bastard's Bride (Loftry University Playthings 4) by Vivian Murdoch
Dark 65 Pages
Psychiatrist's Puppet (Loftry University Playthings 3) by Vivian Murdoch
Dark 60 Pages
Bratva's Brat (Loftry University Playthings 2) by Vivian Murdoch
Dark 47 Pages
Teacher's Toy (Loftry University Playthings 1) by Vivian Murdoch
Dark 45 Pages
Imperfect Intentions (Beauty in Imperfection) by Charmaine Pauls
Dark 65 Pages
A Vow of Love and Vengeance by L.P. Lovell
Dark 83 Pages
Worse Than Enemies by J.L. Beck
Dark 95 Pages
Deeper (The Deep Duet 2) by M. Malone
Dark 61 Pages
Deep (The Deep Duet 1) by M. Malone
Dark 63 Pages
In Deep (The Deep Duet 0.50) by M. Malone
Dark 18 Pages
A Queen of Ruin (Deliciously Dark Fairytales 4) by K.F. Breene
Dark 220 Pages
Garnet (Gems of Wolfe Island) by Helen Hardt
Dark 67 Pages
Red Dog (Evil Dead MC 6) by Nicole James
Dark 22 Pages
Ghost (Evil Dead MC 5) by Nicole James
Dark 139 Pages
Wolf (Evil Dead MC 4) by Nicole James
Dark 131 Pages
Shades (Evil Dead MC 3) by Nicole James
Dark 168 Pages