Married to a Mistress (The Husband Hunters 1)

Race to the altar: Maxie, Darcy and Polly are The Husband Hunters.

The terms of the will: the late Nancy Leeward has left each of her three god-daughters a share of her estate if they marry within a year and remain married for six months....

The hunter: Maxie Kendall, who, because of her father's compulsive gambling, is faced with a debt she can't settle. Nancy's bequest could be the answer to her prayers....

The husband? Greek tycoon Angelos Petronides has waited three long years to bed Maxie. He mistakenly assumes that she once was another man's mistress, and now she's in need of a new sugar-daddy.

Only Angelos finds he has to offer more than money to make Maxie his!

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