Adonis in Texas (Rugged and Risque 2)

Author: Calista Fox
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult | Western
Series: Rugged and Risque
Total pages: 48

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Adonis in Texas (Rugged and Risque 2)

Ginger owns a sensuous lingerie boutique in Wilder, Texas, and though her steady customers are thrilled her doors are still open, the reverend’s wife would prefer otherwise. Although Ginger isn’t about to kowtow to the pressure, she invites a different kind of trouble into her life when an unexpected man from the past returns to Wilder.

Ryan’s homecoming is marred by having to explain to his aunt and uncle that he’s applying for a position as a deputy with the sheriff’s office, rather than working at the church. Complicating family matters is his instant and passionate attraction to Ginger that immediately burns the rumor mill to the ground.

The preacher’s nephew and the lingerie princess need to withstand all the talk in town—and Ryan’s dangerous job to turn their scorching-hot lust into everlasting love