Author: Stella Rhys
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 63

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Aaron Cole was that high school teacher. The incredibly sexy, frustratingly professional star of daily student fantasies, whom girls made missions of getting a single flirtatious word out of. Nina Decker was no exception, though unlike other girls in the affluent town of Woodhill, she forgot her teacher fantasy upon moving onto college.

Perhaps it was thanks to meeting Ben, the TriBeCa dwelling trader whose money paid for a monthly allowance, her mother's fanatical approval and the penthouse rooftop above her head. Blinded by the Woodhill obsession for riches, extravagance seemed a fair trade for being forced to quit school, leave work and forfeit a social life -- all to serve Ben and his every need. No matter what the request.

But after an unthinkably despicable demand, Nina leaves her life of luxury to return to running wild with her sexy, single girlfriends. And on the first night of her freedom, who does she run into but Mr. Aaron Cole?

The spark is undeniable. And so is their need to abandon the controlled perfection of their suburban town. Together, they discover that being bad for once can feel incredibly good.

It's the perfect opportunity for Nina to abandon her past.

But unfortunately, Nina's past is not yet ready to leave her -- or Aaron.