Texting The CEO

Author: Flora Ferrari
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 47

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Texting The CEO

It was a mistake.

I should never have stolen his phone number, mainly because of a silly crush.

Felix Franklin is forty-two years old, the billionaire CEO of the company where I work as a lowly assistant. He wouldn’t look twice at me, and not just because of my position.

I’m twenty, on the curvy side, spending a lot of my free time hunched over a sewing machine, dreaming of being a fashion designer.

Felix is forty-two and ripped. His hair is iron, and his wolfish blue eyes are intense. He looks confident and dashing in photoshoots and an alpha in the extreme.

But when I get his number, I can’t resist.

I won’t have to meet him. I won’t have to tell him I’m a virgin or that he’s so much more experienced than me.

Really, what harm can one text do?

It turns out the answer is a lot.

It can bring Felix crashing into my life in a whirlwind of possession, jealousy, and primal hunger.

It can bring the darkness of our pasts up and make us reveal things we wanted kept secret.

And it can bring us together…even if I’m always wondering, always doubting if he truly feels the same as I do.