Protective Beast

Author: Olivia T. Turner
Category: Romance | New Adult | Sports
Total pages: 24

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Protective Beast

I’m target number one for the bullies on the football team.

I wrote an article in the school paper daring to say that some of the athletic funds should be spread around instead of every dollar going to them.

But this is Texas.

And this town is football Mecca.

I should have known better.

They’ve been making my life a living hell.

Teasing me, calling me names, spray-painting my locker.

I need protection.

I need a beast.

So, that’s exactly what I get.

Elijah ‘The Beast’ Stoll.

Former football player, former school god, Jacksland town legend.

He’s my cousin’s best friend and it’s time to pull in a favour.

Maybe if he picks me up after school and I’m seen with him, they’ll lay off me a bit.

It’s a pretty good plan.

But what I don’t take into account is how protective the beast is.

And how utterly obsessed he becomes with me.

The football team is screwed.

And if I’m lucky, I will be too.

In the good way of course ;)