Author: Aidyn Rose
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 11

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How could I have been so naive? This isn’t Andrew—my shitty boyfriend. This is Rax—my apparent stalker. I knew something was wrong, but the amnesia and my need for undying love blinded me.
And look where that got me: chained in a white room with nothing but a bed and a toilet.
There has to be a way out that doesn’t involve my sanity fleeing my already damaged mind.
But the longer I am here, the more appealing that sounds.

My Lucy… This is not how things were supposed to go. The plan has gone to Hell, and now, I have to watch her fade further from me.
No, I won’t let that happen. My Precious Girl is stronger than that; she will learn and grow, and one day, she will match my insanity and love me for who I truly am.
And what a pair we will be, a psychotic duet unlike any other.