Slade (Secret Tycoons of Wyoming 1)

A billionaire pretending to be an ordinary cafe shop owner and the young waitress who steals his heart...

In the small Wyoming town he calls his second home, billionaire Slade Wyndham trades his thousand-dollar suits for aprons and jeans, and instead of wheeling and dealing in the boardroom, he's manning the counter at Redwood Cafe and whipping up the best latte art in town.

It's a (seasonal) role Slade's come to enjoy, but when quiet little mouse Kady applies as a part-time waitress, the tycoon finds himself adding a new job title to his résumé: fake boyfriend, with Slade feeling strangely protective (and possessive) when he chances upon Kady's ex trying to make trouble.

As the secret tycoon and Kady gradually grow closer in more ways than one, all signs should've pointed to a happy-ever-after ending...until the billionaire realizes the lines between fact and fiction have started to blur a little too much.

Kady's looking at him like he's Prince Charming...even when Slade never pretended to be anything but a villain who only wants her for her body.

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