Novels List (Page 1 of 504)

Boy Trouble by Kaylee Ryan
Billionaire Romance 44 Pages
Feral: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields
Romance 43 Pages
Cabin Mates by Chloe Maine
Erotic 51 Pages
The Annihilator (Dark Verse 5) by RuNyx
Dark 84 Pages
The Finisher (Dark Verse 4) by RuNyx
Dark 98 Pages
The Emperor (Dark Verse 3) by RuNyx
Dark 110 Pages
The Reaper (Dark Verse 2) by RuNyx
Dark 100 Pages
The Predator (Dark Verse 1) by RuNyx
Dark 127 Pages
Dirty Owner by Aila Glass
Erotic 22 Pages
My Forbidden Royal Fling by Clare Connelly
Billionaire Romance 68 Pages
Mafia Monster's Forced Bride by Sam Crescent
Erotic 121 Pages
Property of Pops by Jessa Kane
Erotic 26 Pages
Always Be His Baby by Aria Cole
Erotic 20 Pages
Freshman (First Time 3) by Madison Faye
Erotic 94 Pages
Professor (First Time 2) by Madison Faye
Erotic 40 Pages
Legal (First Time 1) by Madison Faye
Erotic 36 Pages
Ravaged By Passion by B.B. Hamel
Romance 94 Pages
My Cookie (A Dirty Boss Romance 2) by C.M. Steele
Erotic 29 Pages
Christmas Delight (Night's Bliss) by E.C. Land
Erotic 20 Pages
Famous Obsession by M.K. Moore
Erotic 12 Pages
Bred By the Bratva by Penelope Wylde
Erotic 31 Pages
Fervor by Jordan Silver
Erotic 43 Pages
The Twelve Nights of Christmas by Sarah Morgan
Billionaire Romance 60 Pages
Waste My Time (North Haven University 4) by Kelsey Clayton
Romance 116 Pages
Wreck My Plans (North Haven University 3) by Kelsey Clayton
Romance 111 Pages
Change My Game (North Haven University 2) by Kelsey Clayton
Romance 111 Pages
Mr. Charming by Nicole Elliot
Romance 315 Pages
Corrupt My Mind (North Haven University 1) by Kelsey Clayton
Romance 101 Pages
Scandal by Nicole Elliot
Erotic 261 Pages
Mr. Beast by Nicole Elliot
Erotic 420 Pages
Virgin's Dirty Boss by Nicole Elliot
Romance 250 Pages
Shatter (Shattered 2) by T.O. Smith
Dark 33 Pages
Break (Shattered 1) by T.O. Smith
Dark 30 Pages
Redeemed (Dirty Air 4) by Lauren Asher
Romance 169 Pages
Wrecked (Dirty Air 3) by Lauren Asher
Romance 152 Pages
Collided (Dirty Air 2) by Lauren Asher
Romance 131 Pages
A Killing In The Woods by Jordan Silver
Mystery 59 Pages
Quarter to Midnight by Karen Rose
Romance 255 Pages
Dark Mafia Queen (Dark Mafia 2) by Penelope Wylde
Dark 79 Pages
Dark Mafia Kings (Dark Mafia 1) by Penelope Wylde
Dark 82 Pages