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“Good, don’t drink any of the vodkas in the car, either.” I rolled my eyes and hung up the phone.

As the plane landed a few minutes later, the driver opened my door, and I stepped out, quickly buttoning my jacket and waiting for the stairs to lower. I suddenly felt nervous and wished that Hugo was by my side. We had always done this part together. It was time for me to grow up, though.

My mouth fell open when I saw a reasonably tall, beautiful blonde woman get off of the plane. She was wearing oversized sunglasses, a black pencil skirt, a red blouse tucked into it, and high heels. Behind her was another woman, presumably her assistant, carrying some of her luggage.

As she walked closer towards me, I could hear her high heels clicking on the pavement. I had expected a muscular man with a shaved head and goatee, not a woman who might as well be a model.

“Hello,” I said while extending my hand. “I’m Nicolai Stepanov, but you can call me Nico.”

She firmly shook my hand with two pumps and then let it go, which was standard business etiquette.

“Michelle Harrington,” she replied.

“Would you prefer that I call you Miss or Ms.?”

She seemed impressed that I had asked such a question.

“Ms. Harrington, thank you. I'd like you to meet my assistant, Elaina Iverson.”

I reached out my hand and shook hers, too.

“Ms. Iverson,” she said, already knowing what I was about to ask her.

“Would either of you like some champagne or something to eat at our airport? We have several restaurants run by five-star chefs, and they can prepare any type of cuisine.”

Both of them shook their heads, so I walked them to the limousine. The driver held the door open for us and then loaded their luggage into the trunk.

“Is it true that Russia has the best vodka?” Michelle took off her sunglasses, revealing dazzling-blue eyes.

Her smile instantly made my cock hard, and I suddenly found it hard to focus.

“Yes, Ms. Harrington. Allow me to pour you, ladies, a glass.” I pulled the bottle of Kors Vodka 24K out of the chiller and gave a glass to Michelle and Elaina. Both of them took a sip, and their eyes lit up.

“It’s delicious,” she said while handing the glass back to me.

“Expensive vodka always is,” I replied. “What about you, Ms. Iverson?”

Elaina smiled and handed the empty glass back to me. “Holy shit. That’s fantastic.”

I laughed a little bit, then stopped when Michelle gave her the side-eye.

“I’d love to see the itinerary now,” Michelle said.

I reached into my briefcase and pulled it out, trying hard not to stare at her gorgeous body. I couldn’t believe that Hugo decided to put me in charge of this massive deal, and Affinity Finance had sent over a beautiful woman.

That’s when I put two and two together.

As I handed the itinerary over to her, I said: “You’re Chase Harrington’s daughter, yes?”

She smiled and nodded.

Hugo would have killed me if he could have read the thoughts running through my mind.

I went over the itinerary in great detail, careful not to leave anything out. It was hard to focus, though. Michelle's face was so beautiful, and her complexion was as soft as the Russian snow. Whatever perfume she wore was more intoxicating than any Russian vodka, too. Every time she shifted in her seat, I had to stop myself from staring at her gorgeous breasts.

We had gone over everything by the time we arrived at the hotel. I reassured Michelle that she was staying in the best one in Russia, with nothing but five-star reviews and any amenity they needed.

I walked up with her to her room, then showed her where Elaina would be staying.