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“Michelle, I have to use the ladies' room.”

I stood up and went with Elaina, turning around along the way just in time to see the brothers watching me.

She locked the door to the one-stall bathroom as soon as it closed.

“Well, these guys are not what I was expecting!” Elaina nodded as we both checked our makeup in the mirror.

“These are two of the hottest fucking guys that I have ever seen, Michelle! Or maybe it’s because I was expecting some fat Russian guy with a thick accent and vodka always on the ready, although these brothers like their vodka.”

“Well, I, for one, completely agree. It’s time that I have some fun in my life, too.”

“What are you talking about, Michelle?”

I spritzed on some perfume, popped a breath mint into my mouth, and then met her gaze in the mirror. Elaina knew that I was a go-getter and that I never had a problem finding a way to close a deal. What she didn’t know, however, is that I wanted desperately to be with both brothers that night.

“I’m about to do something that would upset my father to his very core, Elaina.”

Her mouth fell open, and just as she was about to speak, I walked out of the bathroom and made my way back to the table.

“Welcome back,” Hugo said. He was eyeing my breasts as they protruded out of my blouse, and I looked over to Nico to see that he was staring too.

“You look beautiful, Michelle,” he said, clearly intoxicated from all of the vodka.

I put my hands on the table, leaned across, and said, “Would you like to take me back to my hotel room?”

Nico and Hugo stared at each other, and then back at me.

“Um, which one of us," Nico asked.

“Yes, Michelle. Which one of us were you asking?”