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Our eyes met for several long seconds, and both of us were breathing heavier. Without even saying it, we both knew what the other was thinking. If nobody was inside of my father’s mansion, I would have fucked her right there on the balcony. I would have looked up at the moon with her as we made passionate love, filling her with my seed as she moaned with pleasure. It didn’t matter what our minds told us. We needed each other.

I heard footsteps behind me. Michelle and I turned around to find Nico standing there, watching us with a quizzical look on his face. It was pretty obvious that we weren’t discussing work, based on how close our bodies were to one another. Sure, we had been discussing our fathers but not the project. And as Nico walked closer to us, it became clear that he also knew what was about to happen.

The sexual tension grew between all of us, so much so that I could feel the heat radiating off of Michelle’s body. I wanted to bury my face between her breasts, to inhale her intoxicating scent, and profess my love to her, but I held back. She was here on business. So if she wanted to do it again, it would have to be her call. I refused to make a move without her approval first.

Michelle wrapped her hand around my neck and gave me a long, deep kiss, then slid her hand down the front of my pants. As she began to stroke my cock from underneath my boxers, Nico walked closer, and she made out with him. At that point, I was getting so turned on that I couldn’t take it, so I wrapped one of her legs around my waist, pulled her closer, and leaned against the wall.

Nico got behind her and started to kiss her neck, and my hands were suddenly all over her breasts. I could feel her nipples harden at my touch, and I squeezed them ever so firmly. I wanted to get her as aroused as possible for what was about to happen. I even pulled back her dress a little bit and began to suck directly on her nipples, which caused her to moan even louder with pleasure.

“Yes, I suppose I can be all business,” Michelle whispered in my ears once she caught her breath. “but not all of the time.”

Michelle grabbed both of our hands and walked inside, sneaking us into one of the empty bedrooms that were directly off of the dining room. Nico quickly locked the door behind us, making sure that nobody would come in. At that point, however, our absence would become evident. It was too late, though. All three of us were too fucking horny.

Michelle took turns ripping off my shirt and then Nico’s. She unzipped her dress, pulled down the straps, and then let it fall to the floor. Nico and I both gasped as we noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her body was shaped like a goddess, and her skin was the color of honey. My cock ached to be deep inside of her, and Nico immediately started to stroke his own shaft.

There she was, standing in all of her beautiful, naked glory. A part of me wanted to completely worship her, from head to toe, but we had done that during our first threesome. Michelle was the one who called the shots that night, and it was time to turn things around.

Nico and I walked up to her, put our hands on her chest, and gently pushed her onto the bed. We hadn’t even discussed doing this ahead of time, especially since we had vowed to focus solely on the project. But it was understood that it was our turn. We both wanted to see how she’d react to us taking the reins this time, and if she was capable of relinquishing some control. Plus, the thought of controlling her orgasm alone turned me on.

I pushed my chest against her body, leaned into her ear and said, ‘This time, Michelle, we are taking control.”