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“I think you’re right,” Hugo replied. He walked over to the door, still naked, and put his ear to it. “Everyone is still out there, though, so let’s climb out the window.”

All three of us quickly got dressed, then took turns climbing out of the window. Luckily nobody was outside on that side of the house, which meant that we could make a clean getaway. I suddenly realized that while Nico and Hugo had been accounted for, I hadn’t. A part of me felt as though I should go inside, especially since I was there on business. My father was an asshole, but he taught me how to socialize with the elites.

I was nervous about leaving the dinner party without saying goodbye, let alone actually eating any of the food, but at that point, I would have followed them just about anywhere. After the lecture from my father, I realized how important it was that I become my own woman. If my father had been there, he would have told me to get my shit together and get back to business.

That was exactly why I got into Nico’s car with Hugo and went to a nightclub with them.

We made our way to the Vodka Grove, and the bouncers let us right in again.

All three of us drank heavily that night, sipping on vodka and champagne, dancing, and just getting to know each other better. Hugo and Nico were amazing dancers, pushing their bodies up against mine while we were on the dance floor. I heard my phone go off a few times while we were grinding together, but I ignored the phone calls and text messages. They were either from my father or Elaina.

As Hugo and Nico took turns making out with me, I thought about sending a quick text message to Elaina. I knew that she was probably worried about me, but the more I kissed the guys, the less I cared about checking in. I longed to be a free, grown woman who could do as she pleased. Elaina meant well by checking in on me, but all I wanted was one night of freedom without anyone knowing where I was or what I was doing.

Once we were all good and drunk, we sat down at a table and ordered some food.

“I’m starving,” I said when it finally arrived.

My mother had raised me to eat like a lady, and a lady never shoves a cheeseburger into her mouth. As I stared at the one in front of me, I remembered how she taught me to cut it into smaller portions, then use a fork and knife to put it into my mouth. I agreed that it was better to eat with utensils instead of your fingers, but that night I said ‘fuck it’ and ate that cheeseburger like a man.

“You definitely need to eat after drinking so much,” Nico said to me. “Hell yeah! Eat that cheeseburger. It’s about time you had some real food, woman. All we ever see you eat is grilled chicken salads. Doesn’t that get boring after a while?”

I nodded while washing down my cheeseburger with some water. “Yes, but I don’t have the metabolism of a guy like you. If I ate like this every day, my hips and ass would be huge!”

Hugo leaned into my ears and said, “That’d just be more for me to grab onto, babe!”

I laughed at both of them, then continued to eat my cheeseburger and fries. It was loud inside the club, and I loved every minute of it. Women were staring at me, casting jealous glances as I commanded the attention of both of the brothers. Men were also staring at me, and I knew they were checking me out.

“We did work up quite the appetite,” Hugo pointed out. “So the more we fuck like that, the more you get to eat real food?” I nodded and laughed some more, thoroughly enjoying the moment and letting myself get lost in it. “Did you have fun tonight?” I looked into Hugo’s eyes and smiled. He was so caring and sweet, even though I had given him complete control and the reins to do whatever he wanted to me that night.

“I had a lot of fun, actually.”

“Be honest, though,” Hugo said. “Had you done anal sex before?”

“Dude, keep your voice down!” Hugo waved his hand at Nico, who was worried about people hearing us.

“Really, Nico? Since when do you care about what people think of you?”

I turned to Nico and tilted my head. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Nico rolled his eyes. “I used to be a bit of a party guy, alright? I’m young, so what?”

“You’re not that young anymore,” Hugo said with a smirk on his face. Nico threw a fry at him, and Hugo picked it up and ate it.

“I’d love to hear more about your younger days,” I said to Nico.

He told me about how one night, his freshman year of college, he got so wasted that he ended up naked and on top his dormitory building. Everyone was in the street, cheering him on as he danced and sang songs while they recorded him.

“I don’t know if it’s online, though,” he said.

“It’s not,” Hugo said with a grin. “Believe me, I’ve spent years searching for it. He got in so much trouble when the residential advisor caught him, though. He was suspended for the rest of the semester. Dad was fucking pissed at you, bro.”

Nico shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “He pulled the same kind of shit in my day, too. He’s such a fucking hypocrite. Get this, Michelle. At his bachelor party, he got undressed and went streaking down Main Street in Moscow. The police recognized him immediately, because of his father, and got him a robe. If he hadn’t been a Stepanov, fuck, he’d have done some hard time in a Russian prison.”

“Wow,” I said. “After meeting him tonight, I definitely wouldn’t get that impression from him. Alexander Stepanov, running naked up and down Moscow?”

“Our mother flipped out when she heard about it, too. She was mortified. The cops tried to keep it hush-hush, but someone obviously saw him because it made the newspapers. I think Dad still has the clippings, too. He was so proud of himself, while our mother threatened to call off the wedding. Luckily she didn’t.”

“You guys are so much fun,” I said.

As we sat there, all three of us bonding and getting to know each other, I realized how normal it felt. There was an energy between us that I couldn’t put my finger on. I still hadn’t heard much about their private lives or what else they liked to do for fun, but it was suddenly very clear that I wanted them in my life for the long-term.