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“That’s fabulous,” Nico said. “What kind of real estate are you interested in?”

“National and international private real estate. I don’t want to do regular, run of the mill stuff. I want to sell to the elite and be my own boss. It’s time for me to be successful on my own for a change. I’ve been living in his shadows for years, and as much as I love him, I’m yearning to break free.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” I told her, “and I’m sure you’ll be good at it, too.”

“Hopefully. My father said that he’d fund it too, but only if I’m successful with this deal.” The way Michelle spoke was breaking my heart. I could see her insecurities starting to come through. Even though she was one hell of a businesswoman, she had self-doubts about running her own company.

Something wasn’t adding up.

I was glad that she at least had dreams of her own, though.

After dinner, we all piled back into the car and headed back to my place. It was much more classic in nature, whereas Nico’s was fairly modern. It was about the same size as Nico’s, though.

“Both of you guys have huge places,” Michelle said while walking around my living room. “And I love the Renaissance decor. My place is decorated almost the same way.”

I brought out a bottle of wine, and we all snuggled together, with Michelle lying across my lap while Nico massaged her feet. We were on the couch in front of my fireplace, just enjoying each other’s company after a long day.

Michelle must have felt my cock getting hard in my pants because it didn’t take her long to get turned on. She let out a slight moan, and then sat up, looked down at me and smiled.

“I think tonight’s about to get very interesting.”

Michelle slid off her white turtleneck, exposing her perfectly plump breasts. I leaned up and put one in my mouth, just as Nico got behind her and cupped the other one. As he massaged it, Michelle leaned back and began kissing him on his lips. Eventually, she fell back against him, her legs spread apart on my lap, and I took it upon myself to slide her leggings off. As she fell all the way back on the couch, I reached up and slid her black G-string off with my teeth.

By that point, Nico was on his feet, with his pants draped around his ankles, and his shaft in her mouth. I was quickly unzipping my pants as she sucked on his cock. Once I was completely naked, Nico and I lifted her up and put her on the bearskin rug.

She laid on her back, spread her legs, and said, “I want each of you this way.”

Nico got on top and buried his shaft deep inside of her. Michelle’s moans were seductive and erotic, and as I watched and stroked myself, I realized that I could climax just by doing it this way. Seeing her be pleased by him while waiting for me was fucking hot.

Within minutes, Nico exploded deep inside of her. I waited for her to climax, too, but instead, he pulled out, and she motioned me to go inside.

I buried my shaft deep inside of her warm, wet cunt and pounded her harder than Nico. Her breasts kept bouncing up into my face, and each time they did, I tried to suck them. As Michelle wrapped her legs around me, I could feel her getting close to having an orgasm, and I wanted to time it at the right moment. We looked into each other’s eyes and came together, both of us screaming the other’s name.

After we were done fucking, all three of us put on bathrobes and sat outside by my fire pit.

“I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve been having with you guys,” Michelle said.

“Nico and I feel the same way, Michelle. And it’s important that you have fun.”

“Especially since your father is so hard on you. I know you love and respect him, but don’t let him be too hard on you.”

“Do you want to continue seeing us, though?” Michelle turned to look at Nico and me, and I could sense some hesitation in her eyes. I knew that she liked us, but something was holding her back. The more we got to know her, the more evident it became that it was most likely her father.

“Of course I do,” Michelle said with a smile on her face. “What woman wouldn’t want to spend time with two smoldering hot Russian brothers?”