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“Where are you?”

“Nico and I are very worried, Michelle. Please, get back to us.”

“Did we upset you, Michelle? Hugo and I are going crazy without you. Please, let us know what’s wrong so we can make it right.”

In addition to text messages, they had also called my phone several times. I didn’t know how I would ever explain this situation to them, but I knew they needed to know what had happened. It wasn’t like me to just bail on a relationship, but I couldn’t find it in my heart to tell them goodbye. And I knew that’s exactly what I’d end up doing, because what other chores did I have?

I slammed my phone shut, deciding it was best not to text them back. It would only make things worse than they already were. Maybe in the future, when everything was settled down with the business marriage, I’d explain to them what happened. But not at that moment.

As I made my way out of the cafe, I realized just how utterly heartbroken I was over the Stepanov brothers. I missed them more than I could ever explain, and I couldn’t believe they had gotten attached so fast. Plus, I wasn’t used to guys getting attached to me. Usually, it was the other way around.

The sex was the best that I’d ever had. The way that Hugo and Nico fucked and made love to me, both in different ways, was more than a woman could ever ask for. Their personalities, though, were really what I craved again. The way that we could all spend time together, laughing and talking as though we were a family. Because during our short time together, we had become a family.

Michael was only concerned about money and porn, so I already knew that we wouldn’t get along. Hugo and Nico, on the other hand, complemented me so well. And I couldn’t see myself being with one and not the other, which is weird seeing as how I’d never been in that kind of situation before. The thought of being with only one guy, when I could have two, was such a turn-off. All I wanted was to be in their arms, both of them, as we all fell asleep together.

I met Elaina for lunch at a local pizzeria, even though all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and hide.

“How did everything go with the guy?” I slowly chewed my pizza and rolled my eyes.

“I’m positive he’s a virgin,” I said, causing Elaina to laugh. “Even though he’s just a few years older than me. He spent the entire meeting discussing his business plans for the company once he takes over. Not once did Michael ask me a question. In fact, he repeatedly interrupted me whenever I tried to say something.”

“That’s not how Nico and Hugo treated you, though.”

“No,” I said while shaking my head, “it wasn’t. They actually asked me questions, paid attention to what I like and don’t like, knew the kind of clothes I’m into, and god the sex was amazing. The thought of fucking Michael makes me sick to my stomach.”

“So don’t have sex with him,” she said. “If he’s going into this thinking it’s a business arrangement, then why spread your legs? Have some fun on the side. I’m sure he will, too. Just be discreet about it, though. You know, since you’re a Harrington and all.”

“Yeah, maybe Elaina. I just can’t get the guys out of my head.”

“Didn’t your dad say that he’d fund your real estate company if you married this jerk, though?”

“Yup, so this shit better pay off in the end. Maybe I’ll divorce his ass as soon as my dad gives me the money, then run off and live with Nico and Hugo.”

I knew that if I never saw them again, I’d never get rid of the aching in my heart.