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Chapter 19


Approximately two hours later, Nico and I were on a private jet heading towards the United States. I knew that our father would give us his approval, but it was still a bit nerve-wracking. Anytime we asked him for a favor, there was always the chance that he’d not only say ‘no’ but get upset.

That was part of his personality, and we had been on the receiving end of it a few times. We had also heard about the people he had killed, which luckily was never a family member, but still showed my father’s vindictive side. He believed that our family deserved more respect than any other ones in Russia, and Nico and I vowed to carry on his legacy. Now, all we needed was Michelle to join us.

Nico fell asleep almost instantly in his reclining chair. He had always been the more tired one between the two of us, though. I was surprised when he’d woken up early that first night we all slept together, but then again, he was probably excited to see Michelle next to him in bed. He was a good kid and deserved to be with her, too.

I started to think about Michelle. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I sensed that she was the one. The way she walked about and demanded the attention of everyone in a room turned me on, and I never thought that I’d be fine with sharing her with another man, let alone my own brother. But I saw how happy it made her, and I understood how different Nico and I were from each other.

By having both of us, she had formed the perfect man. Or so I had hoped, at least. That’s the way she acted when we were all together. I was the one to show her the cultural side of Russia, while Nico was the one who showed her a good time. They’d often play video games while I was cooking, or take a bubble bath while I washed her hair. Overall, life was so much better with Michelle in it.

From the start of the project and up until that moment, nothing had gone the way I expected it to go. Nico and I assumed that Chase would send a man, but he sent a woman. When Nico told me how infatuated he was with her, I just had to see it for myself. And when I did, I was in love. Plus, I had never felt so close to my brother before. That was actually my favorite part.

It was hard when both of us moved out of our parent’s house. We discussed getting our own place together, but our father encouraged us to be on our own and find our way in the world. It hit Nico harder than it hit me, though. He was constantly calling me with basic home maintenance questions. Now that Michelle brought us together, it was like we could live together again.

I wanted all three of us to be together, and to become a family regardless of what it took to make that happen. I wanted us to live in a home together, maybe a penthouse or condo in Russia, share a large bed together, and just live our lives. Seeing Michelle walk down to us in the kitchen that morning had changed my views on everything. I knew that I needed her in my life regardless of what happened with the business deal.

Society would probably judge us for being in that kind of relationship, but if a wealthy businessman could literally buy a woman just to acquire a company, then why couldn’t Nico and I be with Michelle at the same time? Plus, in Russia, people knew not to mess with the Stepanov family. We’d be known as trendsetters, not some weird guys who shared a woman.

My heart pounded faster as we flew on the plane. Even though I’d done my best to convince Nico that our plan would work, deep down in my stomach, I was still a bit nervous. I just never let that side of me show that much. I had to be the stronger brother between the two of us, just as my father had raised me to be. The truth was, however, that my world would be crushed if the plan failed. I knew without a doubt that I would put a steel cage around my heart and vow to never date another woman.

Michelle was my soulmate, and we belonged together. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became at Chase Harrington. He was such an asshole, viewing his daughter like some fucking commodity. He deserved to have his business go belly up and to lose everything, and if it did, then I’d raise a glass to it. Any man who treated a woman that way was a piece of shit.

Michael Anderson seemed like a douchebag, too.

The thought of him touching Michelle made me sick to my stomach. Not because I was jealous, but because I knew that she’d hate it. I pictured her lying there in bed, letting him have sex with her simply because she signed some form and became his wife. She probably wouldn’t even fake an orgasm, either. If what I’d heard was true, then Michelle was vehemently against this marriage.

We assumed she left Russia without saying anything to us because it’d be too hard, and that part we understood. I don’t think that I could ever say goodbye to Michelle, so it’s best that she hadn’t done so. I probably would have called Chase right away and ripped him a new asshole, but thankfully Nico had already taken care of that part.

I reclined my seat a bit and closed my eyes, deciding to take a nap myself. It had been a long day, and I was tired, and I needed to save my energy if we were going to successfully carry out this plan.

I don’t remember what the dream was on the plane, but it definitely involved Michelle.