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“Eight. So it’s not just date number four, it’s date number eight. He probably knows by now that you have staying power. He wants to see you with his daughter to make sure he’s right.”

“So you’re telling me this is basically a test? That if things don’t go well, I won’t be seeing Lucas again?” My stomach hurts at the idea. “That doesn’t make me feel any better, Abby.”

“The fact that you’re worried about this means that you care about him. It will be fine. Don’t stress about it.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one who’s falling for a guy—and could ruin it all without even realizing it,” I grumble. She laughs. “I should take her something to win her over. What do six-year-old girls like?”

“Girl stuff,” she says unhelpfully. I frown.

“I’ll check online and see what I can find.” I turn toward my computer, drag the mouse to the search bar, and google my question.

“What are those?” Abby asks, leaning over next to me after I click on one of the long lists of suggestions.

“I have no idea. They kind of look like dolls.” They do look like dolls, but with pudgy bodies and huge eyes. They come inside a ball that you have to break open before you know which one you get.

“Kids nowadays are so weird.”

“Yeah, says the woman who probably wore a pacifier necklace when she was a kid because everyone else did.”

“Touché.” She smiles down at me. “I did love those, though. And slap bracelets, Pogs, and troll dolls.”

“They seem like they are pretty popular. Maybe I will get her a few of them.” I click on a website where they are for sale.

“Holy cow. Ten dollars for a three-inch plastic ball and baby? Are they crazy?”

“Don’t think of the money; think about me winning her six-year-old heart over.”

“Bribery. I like it.” She grins, and I look up at her, then smile back before looking at the clock.

“If I’m going to get to the toy store, I’m going to have to leave in about ten minutes. Are you okay? Do you need me to stick around?”

“There is nothing else on the agenda for the day. Do you want me to come with you?”

“Yes,” I answer immediately. “Then you can help me figure out what to wear.”

“What’s wrong with what you have on?” Her eyes move over my dress—a dress similar to the one I wore on my first dinner date with Lucas.

It’s not revealing, but I don’t think that matters to him. He likes it when I wear dresses, and I don’t want to be sitting across from him and his daughter wondering what dirty things he’s thinking about me in my dress. After our date last Friday, when we were back at my apartment, he described in vivid detail everything he wanted to do to me in that dress while he brought me to orgasm with his mouth against mine—and his hand between my legs, and up that dress.

“Nothing, I just need to look more . . .” I stop to search for the right word.

“Motherly?” she suggests.

I bite my lip while shrugging.

“Fine. After we go find these ridiculous and expensive toys, we will go to your place and find you something to wear.”

“Perfect,” I agree. “Go get your bag.”

An hour later we have three dolls. Forty minutes after that, we are back at my place so I can change to go meet Lucas and Madeline.

Wearing a pair of dark boot-cut jeans, a fitted scoop-neck rose-colored T-shirt, and my brown suede wedge sandals, I get out of the cab. I head toward the entrance of Princess Pizza, where Lucas asked me to meet him. The shop is adorable—the walls are two different shades of pink, with drawings that kids obviously did framed and hanging on the walls.

“Can I help you?” a gorgeous brunette asks from behind the counter as soon as her eyes lock with mine.

“I’m meet—” I start, but am quickly cut off.

“Hey, baby.” I hear Lucas’s deep voice, and then I feel his arm wrap around my waist and his lips touch my cheek. I turn and focus on his handsome face. I smile, feeling the anxiety and nervousness that have been plaguing me since he told me our plans for the evening wash clean away.

“Courtney?” The woman behind the counter says my name, and I look at her, blinking in surprise that she knows who I am. “Maddi is right. You’re really pretty.” She smiles.


“Baby, this is my sister-in-law’s sister Libby. Libby, this is Courtney,” Lucas introduces us.

“Nice to meet you.” I give her a smile, and she gives me a broad grin while her curious eyes shoot back and forth between us.

“You too,” she murmurs. A man steps up behind her, wrapping his hand possessively around her hip to hold her, much the same way Lucas is holding me. “This is my guy, Antonio.” She tips her head back toward him. “Honey, this is Courtney. The lady Maddi’s been talking about.”

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