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“Love you, Daddy. Love you, Courtney,” Maddi giggles over her shoulder at us.

My face softens, and Lucas’s hold on me tightens. “Love you, honey,” Lucas says, and I hear the smile in his voice.

“Love you, sweetheart,” I whisper, not even sure that she hears me as she and her grandparents disappear down the stairs.

“Fawn wants to go to the museum today. You guys wanna come with us?” Levi asks.

“No, we have plans,” Lucas says shortly.

I scowl up at him for being rude—even while my whole body seems to go electric.

“Figured as much,” Levi mutters. “Have a good time.” Then his eyes meet mine. “It was nice to finally get to talk to you for more than a few minutes.”

“Same,” I agree.

I have seen Levi in passing, but never really had the chance to talk to him until today. Just like Lucas, he’s easy to talk to, quick to smile, and I really love the way he looks at his wife.

“We will have to have dinner soon,” Fawn says, looking between Lucas and me.

“Yeah, but not this weekend . . . ,” Lucas mutters.

I roll my eyes while Fawn laughs.

“Have fun.” She reaches in, grabbing the door handle and pulling the door closed.

“You too,” I say as the door shuts. I look up at Lucas. “Can you not be rude to your brother and Fawn?”

“I wasn’t rude,” he lies.

I narrow my eyes on his. “Yes, you were.”

“No, rude would have been me telling him that we couldn’t go with them because I plan on spending the day inside of you.”

“Seriously?” My face heats, and he grins.

“Seriously.” He pulls me so that we are chest to chest, then starts walking me backward—toward his bedroom.

“I just remembered that I have things to do today. I need to do laundry, clean my apartment, and wash my hair,” I tell him.

His grin broadens. “You don’t.”

“I do.”

“You don’t—especially since there is no reason for you to even wear clothes for the next forty-eight hours. And I’ll wash your hair, when we take a shower together.”

“So your plan is to keep me here as your naked hostage?” I raise a brow.

“That wasn’t my plan, but I do like the sound of it now that you say it.” He dips his head and nips my neck, then licks over the same spot. “Maybe I should go ask Levi if he has a pair of cuffs I can borrow.”

“Oh my god,” I breathe as he presses me down so I’m forced to fall back on the bed with him looming over me.

“I like that, too. Feel free to call me god when you come.”

“You’re so arrogant.”


His eyes roam over me while his hands slide up my T-shirt. His palms skim up my waist, and my breath locks in my throat when he cups both my breasts through my bra. He lowers both cups, then ducks his head and pulls one nipple into his mouth before moving to my other breast and giving it the same treatment.

“Still thinking about the laundry you need to do?” His warm breath brushes across my nipple as he speaks.

“Shut up,” I moan, sliding my hands into his hair and holding on as he pulls my nipple back into the warmth of his mouth. I lock my legs around his hips, and he grinds against me. I feel his length even through both our jeans.

He pulls away and growls, “That’s not very nice.” Then his mouth captures mine, his tongue slips between my parted lips, and I whimper down his throat, clinging to him. He leans back just long enough to pull my shirt up over my head; then one hand slides behind my back and deftly unhooks my bra. He tosses it over his shoulder. I tug at his shirt until he helps me out by taking it off. The feel of his skin against mine makes my whole body heat.

“Help me out, baby. Get out of your jeans,” he groans, unfastening his own jeans while I fumble with the button on mine.

I want to scream, “Hallelujah!” once I finally get them unhooked and he begins to tug them down my thighs along with my panties.

As soon as we are both naked, his large palms rest against my inner thighs and he looks down at me.

His fingers run through my folds, through the wetness that he created. The touch makes my hips jerk.

“Lucas . . .” His name comes out raspy, and my fingers curve around his waist.

“This is probably going to go really fucking fast. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

I don’t have a chance to ask him what he means. I feel the head of his cock slide up and down my slit once, then twice before he fills me in one deep thrust.

“Oh god,” I moan, seeing stars.

I have never felt so full, so stretched, so complete in my life.

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