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“You mentioned you were studying for a test the other night. How did it go?”

“Why do you care?” she asks, her eyes dropping again to the roses in my hand before shifting back to the screen of her phone.

My eyes narrow on her as I close the distance between us, backing her up to the wall. She lets out a shaky breath when I grab her chin and tip her head so she’s looking at me. “I care, kitten.”

I care about you more than I have anyone else in my life. But I don’t tell her that. Not yet.

“Well, you’re worried about the wrong person. What would your girlfriend think if she saw you cornering some girl in the elevator?” she whispers, glaring at me. “I don’t mess with taken people.”

“Neither do I,” I say a moment before lowering my mouth to hers. I expect her to protest, to fight and push me away, but she whimpers and melts into the kiss, dropping her phone to the floor as she twines her hands around my shoulders.

“I hate you,” she whispers against my lips, digging her fingers into my neck as she presses her tits eagerly against my chest, her needy reaction surprising me. “I hate that you make me feel this way.”

“And what do I make you feel, kitten?”

“Everything,” she whispers. “You make me feel . . . everything!”


My lips are on hers the second I let us into my apartment. Her backpack and the roses in my hand drop to the floor as I slide my fingers into her hair and grab a fistful.

She cries out as I trail my lips along her jaw and down her throat, scraping my teeth against her most sensitive spots before soothing the sting with my tongue. I run my hands up her soft thighs as I kiss her skin, familiarizing myself with her sweet, innocent scent.


“The roses are for you.” I tip her chip up so her dazed eyes are focused on me. “The lucky girl I got the flowers for . . . is you.”

Her eyes light up with surprise, but I don’t give her much time to think as I lean in and capture her lips with mine in a long kiss.

Fucking hell, she’s the sexiest little thing I have ever seen, and the thought of tasting her the way I did only a few days ago makes my mouth water with need.

“Want you,” I rasp against her skin, caressing her full tits through her blouse. My hard cock pushes against my zipper as I lean down and suckle her nipples through the fabric of her blouse, biting gently at the swollen buds.

“Rocky! Oh my God!” she cries out when I grab her blouse and tear it down the middle before tugging her bra down to reveal her rosy nipples. A strong desire to taste her pushes up my throat, and I don’t hesitate any longer before latching onto one of her nipples hungrily. I groan deeply as I nip at the tight peaks.

Dawn buries her fingers in my hair and pulls me flush against her chest even as I mold the other nipple with my palm before giving it the same attention.

“So hot,” I say thickly, tearing her blouse completely off as I kiss a trail down her stomach, dropping to my knees in front of her. “I’m going to take care of you, kitten, lap up your juices until you have no choice but to forgive me.”

“Yes,” she whimpers in response, her dazed eyes locking with mine when I look up.

“I want you,” I rasp deeply. “I ache for you so much that I just want to shove you against the wall and pound into you until you’re leaking my seed.”

Her lips part in a gasp. “Rocky!”

“I want to do so many dirty things to you, kitten, but I promise that I won’t hurt you again. Never again,” I vow, the memory of taking her virginity on such a rough surface sending guilt coursing through me, momentarily dampening my desire.

“I believe you,” she whispers, sinking her teeth into her bottom lip when I slide my finger into the waistband of her panties and tug them down her thighs. She steps out of them, leaving her pussy bare for me.

“Now let me take care of you.” I may not be able to give her the world like I want to, but I can bring her pleasure tonight. I can make up for what she missed out on the night we met. I push the heel of my left hand against my pounding dick as I slide my right hand up her skirt to her soaked folds.

She bucks against the wall when I rub my thumb in circles over her clit, parting her lips and fuck, she’s so wet, her arousal trickles down my finger to my palm.

Damn! I need to taste her.

I withdraw my finger from her sex, pull down her skirt, and push open her legs, exposing her sodden folds to my hungry eyes. “You’re so wet, kitten, you are dripping,” I say, grabbing her left thigh and guiding it to my shoulder, exposing her further to my hungry eyes. “Want me to clean that up for you? Lap up your creamy juices until your pussy is all clean?”

“Yes,” she breathes, her tits heaving. A tremble racks her body when I kiss her thigh, trailing my lips up to her sodden sex, and my head grows dizzy with her intoxicating scent. My mouth waters with the need to finally get a taste of her, the thing I have been craving the most these past days we’ve been apart.