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Her words bring me pause. “What old man?”

“He said he manages your career and that I am distracting you. He told me you never date anyone beyond a couple of weeks and that you’ll grow board of me like all the others. He offered me money to go away.”

Mark. That slimy piece of shit. He can react however the fuck he wants to me calling it quits on my career, but he has no goddamned right to poke his nose in my personal life. I could snap his neck just for causing a moment of angst between me and the woman I love.

“My relationships don’t last beyond a couple of weeks because I have never been in a real relationship before, Dawn. I have never wanted to be with any woman the way I do with you. Never imagined I would spend all day thinking about someone and picturing them walking down the aisle toward me . . .”


“. . . or swollen with my child.”

A tremor runs through her body. “You can’t mean that,” she whispers, her voice hopeful but pained. She has to know she means everything to me. Dawn became the center of my universe the second she first walked past me in the lobby of our building.

Emotion clogs my throat at the thought of spending the rest of my life with her, getting her roses every morning, and making love to her body on every surface of our home. The thought of tying us together for life and calling this feisty little kitten my wife creates a tug of longing deep in my chest.

“I love you, Dawn,” I rasp, kissing her neck even as I unzip my pants. What my lips cannot say, I will show her with my touch. “You’re everything, kitten. Everything.”

I spin her around fast before crashing our mouths together needily. She whimpers into the kiss, wrapping her arms around me as I twine my tongue with hers, licking hungrily into her mouth.

I want to be inside of her.

I need to feel her wet heat pulsing around my cock. It’s all I have been thinking about all day. Not the fight that’s been looming over my head for months. No, I haven’t spared a single thought for that.

Instead, it’s the taste of her mouth and the feel of her body that has me hooked and obsessed. I love the little broken noises she makes every time I kiss her, and knowing I am the only man who has heard them—will ever hear them—sends possessiveness rocking my chest.


I grab her left thigh and lift it to my hip, licking into her mouth as I pull out my leaking cock from my pants and guide it to her wet sex. She moans against my lips as I slide my cock slowly into her wet pussy. Torturously so.

“Mine,” I growl, pressing her against the wall as I fill her with my shaft, stretching her walls until she can feel every last inch of my throbbing cock.

“Too big,” she whimpers. Fuck! Even days later, she’s still so fucking so tight, like I didn’t just spend days fucking her over and over again in my apartment. Fucking my feisty little neighbor feels so different from anything I have ever experienced before. The feelings I have for this woman make every sensation, every touch feel so much more intense.

“Been thinking about your tight little cunt all day, kitten,” I tell her, slipping my left hand up her shirt and palming her sexy tits, massaging them with my palm as I fuck into her tight little hole. She bucks in my arms and moans brokenly when I pinch the beads between my knuckles. “Been thinking about how I want to breed you and leave you swollen with my child.”

“Yes,” she groans, grabbing onto my shoulder as I slide my cock through her warm and creamy pussy in slow measured thrusts until it becomes too much for both of us. Soon she’s crying for more, faster, harder.

“Mine,” I growl, bracing my free hand against the wall above her head before pulling back and driving into her so hard it lifts her off the ground. She sobs as she digs her fingers into my arms to hold herself up as I start pounding into her feverishly.

“Yes. Faster. Yes!”

My cock slaps wetly into her snug channel, and she takes me like she was custom-made for my cock. Every pulse of her pussy sends me closer and closer to the edge until I’m grasping onto my control by my fingertips.

“Fuck! I’m so close, baby.” I drill my cock into her little cunt faster and harder until she’s bucking against me, her tight pussy clenching hard around my erection, and she pulls me over the edge right along with her. We climax together, and it’s one of the most glorious feelings as her pussy clenches hard around me and milks me of every drop. She sinks her teeth into my shoulder, and I fuck her through the orgasm, her body trembling against mine. “I love you.”

The words come out like they’d been trapped and finally set free, like a heavy bolder has been lifted from my chest.

“Rocky . . .”

“I love you, only you.” I say as I slam into her snug sex, drawing out our orgasm until we’re both boneless and I have to grab her so she doesn’t slide down to the floor.

There are so many emotions swirling in my mind when I look down at Dawn, but the most dominant of them all is possessiveness. Above all, I want to tie this beauty to me so no one dares look her way. No one else has managed to bring out these feelings, and that only goes to prove that she’s it for me!

My blood boils just from the thought of someone trying to steal her from me or doing something to cause a rift between us. I will not hesitate to punish whoever thinks they can get in the way of what I am trying to build with this girl.


My manager made a huge mistake approaching her. I’ll make sure he pays dearly for it.