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The announcer’s voice booms through the speakers, drawing my attention away from my manager. I step back from him just as my coach walks in, frowning at the tense air in the room but deciding to ignore it.

“Rocky, you ready?” the man who’s been with me from the start of my career asks as he slaps my back. Coach will be retiring after this fight as well, and he is partly the reason I wanted to get out of the game now too. There are no more solid people like him left to work with, everyone around me just wants to talk business deals and sponsorships, not the craft.

“Ready,” I reply with a nod.

“Then go get them, champ,” he says, patting my back affectionately and cheering me on as I walk down the tunnel toward the bright lights. A cheer erupts as I step into the arena, everyone yelling my name. I don’t know where Dawn is seated, but surprisingly, I can feel her heated gaze on my skin, and suddenly, I’m eager to get this over with so I can finally release all this pent-up need I have been carrying all day.

The crowd cheers louder when I step into the ring, the noise echoing in my ears. The lights are blinding, but I feel a surge of adrenaline coursing through my veins. My opponent stands across from me, his face hard with determination, but I’ve fought him before, there is little interaction needed. The bell rings, and we start circling each other. He throws a quick jab that I counter with a powerful hook, the crowd’s energy fueling me. I lose sense of time in this dance of strength and strategy, and before I know it, we’re on the second round, and then . . . the last one.

The fight I spent months preparing for, that I lost sleep over, is finished before I even know it, and soon, I am swamped by reporters throwing questions at me from every direction, and all I can think of is getting to Dawn. There is still a special ceremony to honor my career that is happening later in the night after the final match. I plan to bring Dawn into the ring with me and introduce her to the rest of the world. First, I have to make a speech and bid farewell to my fans and take all their gifts, but . . . I need to see Dawn. Now.

I flash the reporters a charming smile, answering all their questions before I am rushed back to the locker room to change and get ready for the ceremony.

For the second time this evening, I find myself alone in the locker room, but not for long as I’ve barely stripped to grab a shower when the door is pushed open and in walks Dawn. There is a wide grin on her face as she shuts the door, and like the first time I saw her, I am floored by her beauty.

How can one person be this perfect? How can she make my chest pound harder than any high just from looking at me?

“That was amazing!” She giggles, flinging herself into my arms, forcing me to drop the towel I have in my hands to catch her. “I have never seen anything like that. Oh my God, I am dating a superstar! The crowd was roaring and the energy was insane!”

“So, I take it you had fun?” I ask, though I don’t need to. Her face is flushed with pure joy.

“I did; it was so cool watching you fight. I want to go home and binge all your previous fights. Please tell me I’ll find them somewhere.”

“You will,” I promise, thinking of all the footage online of my cage fighting days before I turned pro. Even through a screen, the energy doubles what she felt tonight.

“I can’t wait,” she muses, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as she rubs her tight body on mine and causes my cock to swell behind my shorts. Her breath catches when my erection brushes her stomach and her eyes widen as if surprised. “You’re hard.”

“I’ve been hard from the second I saw you, kitten,” I rasp before I take her lips with mine in a needy kiss. She whimpers when I slant my lips against hers, tasting and savoring her like I’ve been craving to all day.

“Rocky,” she breathes. “The bodyguard you got me is right outside the door. He’ll hear us.”

I don’t doubt that, but I can’t keep my hands off Dawn long enough to find somewhere private.

“Don’t care,” I reply harshly, pressing my forehead against hers. “Need you now.”

“Rocky.” She moans when I slide my hand beneath her skirt, brushing my finger over her mound, brows furrowing when I find her drenched through her panties.

“You’re soaked,” I say roughly, pushing back to find her cheeks flushed and something akin to embarrassment in her eyes. “How long have you been like this?”

She bites her lower lip and looks away. “Since you walked into the ring to fight.”

Fuck! I can’t shrug off the image of Dawn seated in the stands, turned on as she watches me fight. I shouldn’t have expected less from my feisty little girlfriend. “Then we better take care of this,” I say, yanking her panties down her thighs. I lean in and swallow her cry when I thrust my middle finger into her sex. Her creamy juices drip down my finger as I fuck her against the lockers.

“So goddamned hot,” I say raggedly against her lips, my hard cock pushing against her stomach with the need to replace my fingers. We are in a room that anyone could walk into, but I don’t intend on stopping until I am buried balls deep inside of her pussy. “Need to be inside you, kitten. Can’t wait any longer.”

I withdraw my finger from her sex, swallowing the little protest that slips out. My hand quickly rips away her panties, and soon, I am guiding my throbbing cock to her entrance. Her lips part on a scream when I thrust into her in a single move, impaling her with my cock.

“Rocky,” she cries, slapping her palm over her mouth even as her eyes shoot to the door. “Oh!”

“You like it when I breed you raw, don’t you?” I lean down and drag my tongue over her throat, drowning myself in her intoxicating scent. “My feisty kitten, getting wet from watching two half-naked men fight.”

“Oh God, just you,” she whimpers, her tits jiggling with every drive of my cock into her snug little sex. “Watching . . . just you.”

“Fuck!” I dig my right hand into her butt cheek as I slam into her, thrusting my cock into her so hard and fast, her thighs begin to tremble, and I can tell she is on the edge of an orgasm, and that only urges me to move faster. I press her back harder against the lockers and sink my cock deeper into her dripping cunt. She comes with a scream that no doubt makes its way to the bodyguard, but I don’t care to stop.

She sobs and claws at my back and shoulders as I bury my cock in her need pussy. Her cunt flexes hard around my length, and I wait until the tremors die down a little before propping my arm under her ass and lifting her off her feet, then I give into my animalistic instincts as I drive into her in fast, rough thrusts, my eyes locked on her heavily ones as I slowly approach the edge.

“Mine,” I shout, slapping harder into her and sending her tumbling over the cliff once more, her second orgasm triggering mine. “Fuck!” I roar as I climax hard, my jaw slack as I spill my warm seed into her womb, her walls spasming around my shaft and milking me of every drop.