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“You are a fucking drug, kitten,” he says, tugging at his waistband to reveal his impressive erection. “I’m making you mine tonight. I will erase the memory of any man that’s touched you before me and ruin you for all others.”

His lips drop to mine before I can tell him that there is nothing to erase because no man has touched me until him. I haven’t wanted anyone to touch me . . . except him!

“Rocky!” I gasp into the kiss when I feel the hard press of his shaft and realize that he’s about to breach my opening, and roughly at that.

“Tell me to stop, sweetheart. Or I’m taking you right here,” he says.

“Don’t stop!” I demand, clutching his shoulders and not sparing a moment’s thought for the fact that I have never done this before. I want this. Want him. Rocky grabs my waist thrusts forward, tearing past my virginal walls, filling and stretching me with his thick shaft. A sharp pain rips through my sex and I cry out, dropping my head to his shoulder.

Rocky stills against me and I can feel the tension radiating through him. His voice is as rough as granite when he speaks. “You’re a virgin.”

Well, not anymore.

A laugh bubbles up in my throat, but it comes out as a sob as reality hits me. I just gave my virginity to my neighbor, a man I’ve only just met, in his kitchen. I wait for panic or shame to set in, for the need to run away from this man to register, but soon realize that’s not what I want.

I want him to hug me tight and call me his again. I want to hold him inside me forever just like this. This closeness that I feel . . . I never want to let it go!

“God, kitten, I’m so sorry,” he says with a shudder, his voice rough with guilt. “I didn’t mean to hurt you or take you like this.” He tries to move away, but I wrap my arms and legs around him, whimpering when the movement pulls him deeper into me.

“Don’t stop,” I whimper, pleasure tightening my core when he makes a guttural sound.

“Dawn . . .” He rolls his hips, grinding his cock inside me in a slow circle. “Fuck, baby, I should stop, but you’re so tight.”

“Don’t stop,” I say again, digging my fingers into his back. “Please don’t stop!”

“Fuck!” he growls, pulling his hips back then thrusting forward with so much power, it makes stars burst behind my eyelids.

“More,” I cry out as pleasure and pain entwine and my sex begins to pulse with need. Rocky scoops up my ass cheeks and starts pounding his cock into me harder and faster, his movements hot and fevered. My eyes roll back as his thrusts grow more intense, pleasure shooting up my spine with every stroke, and all I can do is hang on for the ride.

“So close, baby,” he grinds out, his breath fanning my skin. “You’re so fucking tight and wet for me, kitten, need to fill you up with my come.”

“Yes,” I pant, breaking into a sob when his hand drops between us and he rubs circles over my clit, sending me right back to the edge, but this time I don’t fall alone. I scratch my nails down his back as he fucks me hard through my orgasm, my walls squeezing hard around his shaft. His breaths grow more ragged as he drills his cock harder and faster into my pussy until he comes with a roar.

“Fuck!” he shouts hoarsely, his head dropping to my shoulder as he spills his seed into my womb in endless spurts. I whimper brokenly in his arms, my body jolting beneath his as he fucks me through his climax, drawing out feelings I wasn’t ready for tonight. “Mine,” he whispers, kissing my ear and trailing his lips to the curve of my neck.

Rocky runs a soothing hand down my back, and I lose myself in his masculine scent and the feeling of his calloused hands on my skin. It’s not until his phone starts ringing on the counter next to me that I am snapped back to reality.

Rocky reaches to answer and I barely catch anything he says. After a moment, he turns and tells me that the locksmith has arrived, and panic finally sets in. No, it doesn’t just set in. It punches its way in with the venom of an angry rattlesnake, and it almost erases the beautiful thing Rocky and I just shared.

I slept with my neighbor.

No, that’s not right. We never even made it to his bed. I am in his kitchen—naked on the counter where this man just took my virginity, and I am not on any form of birth control.

I could get pregnant from this.

We don’t even know each other well enough to be in each other’s homes let alone have sex!

What have I done?

I need . . .

“Dawn.” Rocky grabs my cheeks and forces me to face him. “Hey, calm down.”

I don’t realize I am having a panic attack until he points it out. “I need . . . I need to be alone.”

I need so many things, but right now, I want to be left alone to come to terms with what I have just done.

“Okay, alright,” Rocky says as he straightens up his clothes, but it’s easy for him because he’s not even fully naked. “How about you take a shower in my bathroom and grab something to wear while I deal with the locksmith, huh?”