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I let my gaze lower to his thickly corded neck and moaned. The only thing that could sate my hunger was this male.

I opened my mouth, but I didn’t know what I was going to say, especially as I saw him start to breathe harder, as I watched his fingers curl and relax at his sides.

He closed his eyes, shook his head as if to clear it, and then gritted his teeth so hard I swore they were going to crack.

I took a step back, not because I was afraid, but because instinct told me he was becoming feral right now, his wolf rising up violently. He wanted me, wanted to… mate, and gods help me, but I wanted him to come for me.

That was evident by how big he was getting, his form growing even more powerful, the scent of his primal wolf filling the air around us. And in turn, my body reacted. I softened and became wet between my thighs, my breasts feeling heavier, the tips sensitive.

I gripped my skirting, pulling at the material as if it were going to keep me stable, as if it could be my lifeline. But I didn’t want a materialistic tether.

I wanted Banner.

He slowly opened his eyes. I could see the sharpness of his features and swore I saw the flicker of his wolf across his face as if he were moments from shifting. I didn’t know why that turned me on so much, but it did until I felt like I was shaking from the intensity of it.

I didn’t know why I had the sudden, fierce urge to run. And as if my body were working on its own, I took a step back, and then another one.

My heart was racing, beads of sweat covering my body. And gods, I was wet, my arousal sliding down my inner thighs.

Banner’s nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply, and a low rumble left him as he took another step toward me, twigs snapping under the heavy fall of his booted feet.

The sound of his horse neighing and his hooves proceeding his retreating steps filled the air. The steed no doubt sensed the intense predator its handler was turning into.

I took another step back and another one. Banner made the slow rumbling sound that seemed to vibrate the air around us. He lowered his head but kept his gaze trained on me, and when his lips slowly spread, a grin flashing, his canines growing right before my eyes, I knew he was getting off on this.

And so was I.

Run, my mind whispered, and instantly my body followed the command.

I gasped as I turned on my heel and ran toward the thick line of trees that surrounded the manor, my legs carrying me through the thick underbrush and deeper into the woods. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Banner hadn’t moved. I watched as he grew impossibly bigger, his grin spreading wider as he let me escape.

He wants the chase. He’s anticipating this.

My gaze lowered to his groin, and I felt my eyes widen even more. Gods, he was hard, his cock a thick, long length pressing against the material at his crotch and causing my footing to catch, having me tumble slightly before I righted myself and faced forward.

And then I heard him coming for me as he tore through the forest. It sounded as if he was tearing trees away, ripping the roots from the ground, tossing the trunks away as if they were twigs.

I felt adrenaline rush through my veins, and I ran faster. Although the truth was I didn’t want to escape. All I could picture was Banner coming up behind, tackling me to the ground, ripping off my clothing, and ravishing me in the most primal, raw way possible.

I was fast, but he was faster.

And although I knew he could—would—easily catch me, Banner kept several feet behind me, as if he wanted to prolong the chase because it excited him even more.

And the deeper I ran into the woods, the more excited I became. The more aroused I was. I was so slick with my wetness that I felt it drip down my inner thighs, causing my skin to be slick with need.

My clit throbbed, my inner muscles clenching with the need to have something huge and substantial… something only Banner could give me, filling me up until I was choking on it, until I was stretched and filled to the brim with cock.

These lewd thoughts and images that were carousing in my mind were still so foreign, my innocent, unused body feeling hot and cold at the same time because I tried to grasp and understand them.

Never in my life had I thought about a cock—Banner’s—filling my pussy up. Never had I imagined dragging my nails across the wide expanse of a muscular back as my virile male pumped in and out of me, using me for his pleasure as he gave me my own.

I was so deep in the woods that it was so much darker, barely any moonlight casting through the treetops and reaching the ground. But I saw my surroundings well enough. I heard him closing in, swearing I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck. I felt shivers race up my arms and legs, my skin tightening, my heart racing.

And then his arms wrapped around me, and he was taking me to the ground, just like I'd fantasized. I was falling before I could stop myself, but he shifted our bodies so when we hit the ground he was on the bottom, his muscles cushioning me from the hardness of the rocks and foliage, the undergrowth roots.

I was flipped onto my back a second later and pressed to the forest floor a second later, Banner's massive body looming over me. I could see his wolf flickering at the surface of his face once more, bits and pieces of his animal side coming out, showing me how primal and turned-on he was right now, how he was barely hanging on to control.

He closed his eyes and grimaced, his lips peeled back from his sharp teeth, his jaw clenched tight. His hands were braced on either side of my head, his forearms vein-roped, his biceps bulging and all but shaking from the force in which he was trying to stay in control.