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Wide, aroused eyes.

Blown-out pupils.

Increased breathing.

Pulse beating rapidly at the base of her throat.

“More,” she moaned softly, her lips parting in pleasure.

My arms were locked tight, the muscles straining, my need to control myself a razor's edge. I moved my fingers down her inner leg, right beside her pussy, and then didn’t torment us any longer. I touched her pussy lips lightly, spreading my fingers through her soaked slit. I couldn’t stop from groaning.

“Yeah,” I said to myself low, huskily. “My tiny female wants this, and I’m eager to satiate her.”

“God. Ren. Yes, yes, I want this.”

And that was all I needed for any remaining control I had to fucking snap right in two.

I slipped a hand under her so I could place it on the small of her back, then moved my other onto her belly, keeping her in place as I started to lick at her cleft, sucked on her clit, and groaned as I savored her flavor.

“Watch me,” I growled in a voice that wasn’t from my human side. It was rough and sharp around the edges. “Look at what I’m doing, how I’m drinking your honey, letting all that sweetness slip down my throat.”

She lifted her head, her lips parting, a soft moan leaving her as her gaze locked between her thighs at what I was doing to her.

I ran my tongue up and down her slit, giving her so much ecstasy I knew she’d always crave me… just like I’d always need her. My groans no doubt vibrated over her pussy. She was spread before me like an offering, a meal for me, something I could feast on until I was drowning in the flavor and scent of her.

I feasted on her, knowing I'd never get enough, and when she came for me, her back arching, her hands thrust into my hair as she tugged at the strands, I growled, letting my Lycan rise up momentarily to experience this right along with me.



Yes. Claim her now. Now!

It was long seconds before I finally stopped lapping at her, leaning back and breathing like I’d been running for hours, my body super-aware of every little detail that made my mate. My gaze was riveted to the sight of her pussy, her legs spread wide, her knees falling all the way open. So wet, even now.

I finally tore my eyes from between her legs to see her staring at me. The way her eyes widened when she looked into mine told me how I appeared, told me the color was no longer brown in shade but blue and vivid from my Lycan.

I could feel myself start to change, my canines elongating, the twin points pressed to my lower lips. I knew my body probably appeared bigger, more muscular, and that if I lifted my hands, my nails would be long, dangerous claws.

But I couldn’t help it, not when I was so fucking turned on, not when I allowed my animal to experience this small snippet of what it was like with our mate.

Her scent covered my mouth, surrounding me, and it was drawing me closer to a brutal start where I truly had no control. I was going to fucking lose it.

I pushed away from her, standing, pacing. I ran my hands over my arms, up and down, up and down. I closed my eyes and just breathed, trying to stem off the change, the shift that would terrify her.

“Ren?” She said my name in this frightened tone.

I spun on her, my eyes now open, my breathing harsh.

She made an almost startled sound and scrambled to sit up before getting off the table and stumbling back from me. “Oh God,” she whispered and covered her mouth with her hands. I turned from her, giving her my back as I tried to control myself. “What are you?” Her voice shook, and I heard the rustling of clothing as she no doubt dressed.

Although the need to take her right now was strong in me, my arousal was doused with the revelation of what was about to transpire, and the fact that my mate feared me. I closed my eyes, breathing out. I was shocked though that she hadn’t ran out of here screaming.

“What are you?” she asked again, and I exhaled.

This moment was bound to come, especially since I had no intentions of letting her go, but I hadn't meant for her to be frightened. I wanted to ease her into it, although I’d run out of time.

“I’m not human, not wholly. A Lycan, Mikalina.”