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Her nostrils flare.

“Or you could tell me no.” I take another step. “But no doesn’t work, does it?”

She shakes her head.

“No is fucking useless,” I growl, warning in my words.

Her body tenses. “I have a safe word.”

Stalking the rest of the way over to her, I notice the way her eyes flare in shock as her ass hits the wall. She flings her palms up to press into my chest. I lean close so our lips almost touch.

“One word,” I remind her. “An easy one.”

“I don’t need it for this,” she whispers.

I arch a brow as I lift my hand. My thumb brushes over her erect nipple poking through her cami, making her gasp. “Told you I’d touch it,” I tell her smugly. “You’re doing great.”

I could kiss her if I wanted. Her eyelids flutter closed, and she sucks in a deep breath. The moment when she loses the battle, she tenses and her wide, panicked eyes dart to mine.

“I…uh, need to go to the restroom,” she blurts out, sounding terrified and unsure.

She starts to walk away, but I stop her with a quick snag of her wrist.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yes,” she says, her voice irritated. With surprising force, she yanks her hand from my grip. “I’ll be right back.”

She all but runs to the bathroom. As soon as the door closes, I walk over to her stereo, turning it to Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” then take it upon myself to learn the layout of her house. I find a room at the end of the hall that smells like her. I deliberately leave the light on when I’m done inspecting the space. As I round the corner into another room, the bathroom door opens.

Pausing, I listen. She calls my name. Then huffs. Then calls my name again. I stand in the dark room off the hallway, waiting. She comes into view, and walks right past me, her steps hurried toward her bedroom. Before she makes it there, I sling an arm around her waist and yank her into the dark room.

She screams.

Fuck, how she screams.

But it’s not the word I’m listening for.

The woman is feral in her fight, but I’m stronger. I pin her against the wall with my hips and grab both her wrists. Her chest heaves, brushing against mine as I rub my hard dick against her through our clothes. I don’t speak or whisper assurances. I wait her out. She squirms and curses. She manages to break her hands free and hits me in the arm. I grip her jaw hard and bring my nose to hers. A whimper crawls up her throat. I brush my lips against hers, eager to taste her. I want to kiss her hard, steal her breath. I want to—

“Hush,” she chokes out.

Like I’ve been burned, I let her go and stumble back several feet. My heavy breathing and her soft sobs are all that can be heard. We don’t speak. Disappointment ripples from her in loud waves.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers.

“Nothing to be sorry for.”

“I…I’m not weak.”

“You’re not.”

“But I already used the safe word.”

“You think trust is based on a contract?”


I step forward until we’re close, but not touching. “Trust is based on experience.”

She doesn’t speak.

“Can I take your hand?”


Clutching her clammy hand, I bring it up and kiss her knuckles in the dark. Something tells me she wouldn’t want me to see her right now. No one likes their personal torment on display.

“You’re not weak, Quinn. Tell me. Make me believe it.”

“I’m not weak.”

“Said in a whisper. I want to hear it. I want to feel it.”

With a rage-filled scream, she lets me have it. “I’M NOT WEAK!”

I tug her into her bedroom doorway where the light is bright. Tears track down her pretty cheeks. Her lips are parted. Defeat flickers back at me in her gaze.

“The kiss set you off?”

Her eyes dart to my lips. “Not you. Not the kiss. I just…”


“Can we add alcohol to the contract? Is it too late for that?”

“It’s never too late for anything,” I assure her, offering a wide grin. “I’m proud of you.”

Her lip curls up, and she rolls her eyes. “You’re ready to run, huh? I’m a mess.”

“I thought we established you’re the runner,” I say with a smirk. “And I’m going to chase you.”

“I haven’t scared you away?”

“You can’t scare me away,” I tell her with a wolfish smile. “I haven’t even gotten to bite you yet, my sweet.”

“The Big Bad Wolf? I’m supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood?”

I wink at her. “We’re roleplaying after all. I’m contractually obligated to bite you, so it kind of fits.”

“Go home, Wolf.”

“Had enough of me already, Little Red?”

“You’ve worn me out enough for one evening.”

I chuckle. “We’ll work up to it. Before long, you’ll be begging me to bite you.”


When I start to walk off, she surprises me by hugging me, her face burying against the side of my neck. I wrap my arms around her and hug her back.

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