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“I’ll see her inside myself,” Wayne croons dreamily.

We both watch him leave, eyes glued to the well-fitted suit caressing his ass.

“Well, damn, does he have a twin who happens to like cock?” Wayne sighs.

“Wayne!” I scold, then burst into a fit of giggles. “He does have a brother, actually, but he’s into women, and you’re married!” I bark.

He looks at his ring, pulling a whoops face. “Oh yeah, so I am.”

“Scandalous.” I slap him playfully.

“Let’s take advantage of the free drinks.” He winks, calling over a waiter.

“They’re not free. Joshua’s paying for them.”

“As long as I’m not, they’re free.” He emphasizes free with a neck pop and wave of his hand.

“You don’t have to see me inside,” I tell Wayne as he guides me up the path to my place.

“I promised your sexy man I would, and I’m not breaking that promise.” He squeezes my arm. “Unless you think he would punish me in a sexy way if I do?” he teases, closing his eyes and raising his head to the heavens.

“Hey,” I gripe, elbowing him, “stop fantasizing about my man with me right here.”

“Fine.” He rolls his eyes. “I’ll wait until I drop you off.”

“I’m telling Luke,” I warn.

“Oh, darling, please do. Maybe then he would come out with us or make more of an effort at home. I’m sick of how late he works.”

I stop walking and turn to face him. “Everything okay with you two?”

“Yeah.” He sighs and waves a hand flippantly. “We’ll be fine, just going through the motions.”

“Don’t give up on him. He works so much to earn enough money so you guys can retire early.” I pout, hating the thought of those two going through troubles.

“I know, and I love him for it, but I also want to enjoy our marriage while we’re still young too, not just wait until we’re old and gross.”

I snort-laugh and ignore his dramatic shit. They’re in their late twenties. He’s crazy.

Unlocking the front door, I frown when he follows me inside. “You’ve done your part, I’m fine.”

“I need to drain the snake.” He grins, pushing past me, heading for the bathroom.

“That’s hideous,” I call after him. “Do you want a drink?”

“No, I better go home because I live there,” he shouts back.

Kicking off my heels, I rub my sore feet and head to my bedroom, flicking the light that doesn’t come on. Shit. I hate changing the bulbs.

Before I can turn around to get one, I sense someone in the room. My heart races and mouth opens to call out, but a hand wraps around me, clamping over my lips. I smell him, his cologne. Joshua. Excitement and lust surge through every nerve ending, igniting as he closes his body tight against mine, pinning me, his penetrating gaze holding me hostage.

“Where are you? I’m done,” Wayne calls out.

“Tell him bye,” Joshua growls into my ear.

“I’ll see myself out, shall I?” Wayne shouts sarcastically.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Rude,” Wayne comments before the door slams shut.

I’m falling, pushed roughly onto my bed. “If you’re good and don’t scream, I’ll go easy on you,” Joshua growls, looking all kinds of menacing in the light of the moon creeping through the window.

“Fuck you,” I spit, kicking a foot out, catching him in the gut. He lets out an oomph and doubles over. I take the opportunity to scramble off the bed, hitting the floor with a thud.

“Where are you running to, Red?” he taunts as I get to my feet and dart for the door.

He trips my leg, making me hit the floor hard. Bastard. Sexy fucking bastard.

Chuckling at my lame attempt at fleeing, he stands over my body, legs on either side of my waist. “Beg me not to fuck you, Red.”

“I won’t let you,” I pant.

“I’ll give you a three-second head start,” he explains, deviance in his tone. “But when I catch you, I’m going to gobble you up.”

I get to my feet and take off running through the house. Finding myself in the dining room, I pick up a chair and hide behind the door. My breathing is erratic, and adrenaline is pumping like crazy. Listening for his footfalls as he creeps closer is exhilarating and terrifying all at once. I know I’m not in any real danger, but my heart doesn’t seem to take notice.

“Little Red, I can smell you.”

So close.

His silhouette creeps into the room, and I squeal, launching the chair at him. Crashing into him, the chair knocks him off-kilter.

“You little bitch,” he roars, chasing me down and gripping me around the back of the neck, sweeping me up off my feet into a bridal hold. I struggle and fight sinking my teeth into his chest, making him howl.

Throwing me on the bed, he prowls over me, gripping my wrists and slipping them through a noose he’s made on each of my bedposts. They’re done well and must have been made before I got home. Work, my ass.

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