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He smirks. “He prefers daddy.”

“Who said my name?” Ronan calls out. The pervy bastard.

A chorus of laughter rings out from our table.

“Seriously, where’s Blaine?” I ask, searching the crowd. “I thought he never left your side like some sort of creepy shadow.”

“It’s not creepy when it’s your boyfriend, asshole,” Xavi says with a chuckle. “He and Greg ran into traffic. They’ll be here soon. I rode with the guys since we’re performing tonight.”

Quinn kicks me in the calf, and I yelp. All eyes dart to her.

“Yeah, sorry, this is my mean-ass girlfriend. She’s a huge fan of you guys.” I pull her to me and ruffle her hair, making her growl at me.

“Your song, Let it Burn…” She beams, pausing to hold a hand to her chest for dramatic effect. “Perfection!”

“I like you already.” He grins, patting the chair next to him.

While she happily chats with them about stuff, I pull back to clap my hand on Ren’s shoulder. “How are things?”

He knows what things.

“Well,” he says, pulling Natasha into his arms. “My little detective snooped until she discovered my surprise.” He playfully chokes her until she smacks at his chest. “I ended up proposing mid-argument in my closet.”

She shrugs. “He was being weird. Kept going in there. I thought he was rubbing one out in there.”

I snort out a laugh. “And he was doing what?”

“He kept going to the back of the closet and looking at something. I then thought maybe it was drugs. Whatever it was, I didn’t like it. I told him we don’t keep secrets,” she explains, her face contorting angrily.

“And she starts throwing shit everywhere and yelling at me,” Ren complains. “I told her to shut the fuck up and listen—”

“That went over well, I guess,” I say with a laugh.

“I went nuclear,” Natasha growls.

He leans in and steals a kiss.

“But,” she says with a girly sigh, “while I’m still screaming at him, I notice he’s on one knee. I thought maybe he was trying to grovel or something, then I realized he was holding the very thing he retrieved from the secret pocket. A ring.” She wiggles the massive rock on her ring finger at me.

“And you said yes?” I offer, grinning.

“Actually,” Ren huffs, “she said, ‘What the fuck?’”

“Then I said yes,” she says, beaming.

“The makeup sex on the floor of my closet with my new fiancée was worth all that bullshit fighting,” Ren teases with a devilish smirk.

Yeah, that sounds like a healthy start for marriage. Crazy bastards.

I shoot a glance at Sofina and Ronan. “I can’t believe both of you pricks are getting married.”

“Better watch it,” Ronan says. “You’ll be married with a kid on the way too.”

We all laugh, then I point to him. “Wait…”

Sofina smiles, and Ronan shrugs. “We didn’t plan that part,” he explains. “My sperm is so fucking potent, man. Better watch out. You might get pregnant just from looking at me.”

Ren covers Natasha’s eyes. “Babe, don’t look at my brother.”

Natasha elbows him and makes him growl as he pulls her into a bear hug.

“Who has potent sperm?” Xavi asks, slinging an arm over my shoulders.

“Don’t let Blaine hear you asking that,” I joke, poking his ribs. “He’ll beat you over the head with a club and do some caveman shit like piss on you to claim you as his.”

Xavi cracks up laughing. “Is that one of your kink rooms, Joshua? Should I book Blaine and I a spot?”

“Actually, dickhead, there’s a room for that. Has a drain and everything.” I flash him a devilish look. “I could join in. Blaine and I could take turns pissing on you.”

“Maybe I’d be the pisser,” Xavi says, puffing out his chest. “Just because you assholes are built like brick houses doesn’t mean I’m the fuckin’ toilet.”

We’re cracking up when I realize my girl is out of sight.

“Where’d Quinn go?” I ask, pulling away from him to scan the crowd.

“The bar. She wouldn’t let us get her a drink. Independent woman you got there.” He pats my shoulder just as Blaine appears. “That’s my cue.” Xavi rushes over to him, throwing himself at him like a fucking kid and almost knocking him on his ass. Blaine’s massive arms wrap around him as he hugs him tight. They’re a cute couple. Somehow, those two opposites work.

“Did your friend not come?” I ask Blaine absently.

“He went for drinks. He’ll need it spending a night with you douchebags.”

Xavi snorts out a laugh that has Blaine eyeing him with amusement. All humor fades when I seek out the bar. My guts twist when I see my girl drop her drink. It crashes to the floor at Greg’s feet. She’s white as a ghost and shaking her head no.

What the fuck?

“I’ll be right back,” I mutter, leaving the VIP area.

I catch a glimpse of Greg as he gives chase to my girl, who has turned on her heel and bolted in the opposite direction.

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