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I ran down the corridor to find a way to escape when I heard the footsteps coming back towards me. “Shit.” I muttered to myself and opened the door to my right. I ran inside the room and looked for a place to hide. I saw a closet and ran towards it quickly and opened it quietly and stood there with my heart beating fast. I kept the door slightly ajar so that I could try and see what was happening. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack or a panic attack. I was so scared and confused. And then they stopped right in front of the door. I watched Tyler and Grant standing there looking at each other furiously and I closed my eyes. If they came into this room, I’d be found. If they came into this room, I would be the wolves’ dinner.

Chapter Seven

“Why did you touch her?” Tyler’s voice was angry. “What were you thinking?”

“I thought you wanted us to test her, to see how far she would go.” Grant’s face twisted. “Isn’t that the test?”

“This was different.”

“I don’t know what’s changed.” Grant blinked.

“You don’t need to know, Sir.”

“You’re overdoing it now, Tyler. There’s no need to call me Sir.” Grant looked annoyed.

“That’s how a driver would address his boss, is it not?”

“I’m not your boss.”

“You know our arrangement, Grant.”

“It just feels weird.” He sighed. “I don’t know, I think we should just let her leave. She’s finding out too much information.”

“You gave Eugenie drugs?”

“What?” Grant swallowed.

“Her letters said you gave her drugs.”

“It was...” Grant sighed. “I didn’t even know Eugenie wrote any letters.” He bit his lower lip. “Why did you tell Evie about her anyway?”

“That was a mistake.” Tyler clenched his fists. “But that’s why she has to stay.” Tyler’s voice was hoarse. “We can’t have her knowing too much. What if she found something else and didn’t tell me?”

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Grant sounded angry. “I think we should just let her go.”

“I’m not done with her.” Tyler’s voice was loud and in control, but I could hear his anger. “And what I say goes, remember?”

“I thought I was in charge?”

“You thought a lot of things, Grant. But your time is over. If you want to continue getting paid, you’ll do as I say. Evie stays and I want you to keep the f**k away from her.”

“She’ll never choose you over me.” Grant sounded pissed. “Especially not when she hears the truth.”

“What truth, Grant?” Tyler’s voice was soft as he spoke and he looked at Grant with a deadly expression. I wanted to step out of the closet so I could see them better and ask them what this was all about, but I didn’t move. Something told me that I hadn’t heard everything yet.

“Once she knows that you’re the billionaire and not me.” Grant licked his lips. “And once she knows that Eugenie was your ex, not mine. Once she knows, it’ll be over for you.”

“And why do you think she’ll find that out?” Tyler took a step towards him and I held my breath. If he looked to the right, he might see me. I knew that if he saw me it would all be over for me. I knew he’d see the shock in my face. I knew he’d see that I was devastated. He was the billionaire? He was the one that had dated Eugenie? Why had he been trying to help me escape then?

“Because I’m going to tell her.” Grant’s voice boomed. “I’m going to tell her that it was your decision to keep her here. I’m going to tell her that it was you that wouldn’t let her leave.”

I stepped back and put my hand over my mouth in fear. I’d been duped. Well and truly duped and I had no idea what I was going to do. My whole body froze in fright as I realized I could hear the breathing of another person next to me.

“Don’t scream.” A soft voice whispered. I bit down on my hand to stop myself from screaming, but I knew that I was minutes away from collapsing. “You have to be quiet or they’ll know we’re here.” She whispered ever so faintly. “And if they know that you know the truth, you’ll be stuck here forever, just like me.”

“Who are you?” I looked slowly to the right and my heart stopped beating as I saw her delicate features and blonde hair. I didn’t need her to answer to know who she was. I was hiding in a closet with Eugenie. The Eugenie I’d been told was dead. The Eugenie that had made this mad house, now turn even crazier. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe slowly as everything started to fade. All I could think was what were the two wolves planning to do next?

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