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“I was dressing for the occasion. Too much?”

“Hell no. This is just what I needed. It just pisses me off that you were waiting around for me in public dressed like that. The fucking guys around here are worse than the girls. Anyone mess with you?”

“No.” Looking down at myself, I said, “I’m sorry if it’s too much. I just figured I had to compete with all those groupies.”

“Don’t apologize. But you don’t have to compete with anyone, Amelia. You never did.” He put his forehead on mine, and time seemed to stand still. “When I was performing tonight, all I could think about was how badly I wished you were here. I was at the bar drowning my sorrows when you texted. I still can’t believe you made it.” He took in a deep breath of the skin on my neck. “I’m hard as a rock just smelling you right now. We need to go somewhere to be alone. We don’t have a lot of time before the buses leave.”

“Where can we go?”

He placed his hands on my cheeks. “Fuck. I just want to take you with me on the bus, spend the night with you until the sun rises over the next city.”

“I would love that so much. I’m sorry I can’t be the kind of girl that can just go on tour with you.”

“You have bigger things to be taking care of. By the way, you sure this friend watching Bea is someone you can trust?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

He rubbed my shoulders. “Stay right here. Let me just go check what time we’re leaving Massachusetts.”

I waited as Justin ran to the other tour bus. When he returned, he looked anxious. “We have exactly two hours before the buses take off for Philly. I would introduce you to the band, but they’ll talk your ear off, and I really don’t want to waste this time.”

“What are we gonna do?”

“They just told me there’s a small hotel down the road. We can go there to be alone if you want. If you prefer, we can stay here, but then we’d have to socialize.”

“Being alone sounds good to me.”

Justin brushed his thumb along my cheek. “Good choice.”

He took the keys from me and drove us to the hotel in my car. During the ride, he held my hand tightly and didn’t let go. At one point, he flashed me a sexy side glance. “God, you look good.”

I joked, “Even though I look like a cheap groupie?”

“Especially because you look like a cheap groupie.” He winked. His gaze returned to the road for a bit before his voice lowered. “I wasn’t prepared for how lonely this tour was going to be. Seeing you makes me realize it even more.”

We pulled into the hotel, and Justin checked us in and got us a key card. We had exactly one hour and forty-five minutes before he had to report back to the bus.

The room was dark, but neither of us turned on the light. Unsure of what was supposed to be taking place here, I waited for him to take the lead after the door clicked shut behind us.

He slowly prowled toward me then pressed his chest against mine. “Jesus. Your heart is pounding. Are you nervous to be alone with me or something?” Nuzzling my neck, he added, “The way I’m feeling right now, maybe you should be.”

Scared to admit what was really eating away at me and also not wanting to ruin the mood, I remained silent, just staring at him before my gaze dropped to the floor.

He took my chin in his hand. “Look at me.” When our eyes met, he said, “I haven’t been with anyone else, Amelia…in case there was any question in your mind. I don’t want anyone else. I hope you don’t, either.”

“How did you know what I’d been thinking just now?”

“I guess I’m just in tune to you like that. I had a feeling you needed that reassurance. I don’t want you wondering anymore about that.” He kissed me on the forehead. “Now that we got that out of the way, I do need to be honest with you about something.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Okay.”

“I somehow thought I could handle five months with no sex, but the reality is…I’m feeling more like an animal in heat than a celibate monk.”

I laughed. “Oh really.” My tone turned serious. “Maybe I can help. Tell me what you need.”

“Confession,” he said over my lips. “I didn’t exactly take you here so we could talk.”

I kissed him. “Confession. I didn’t exactly dress like a dirty groupie so you could sing to me.”

His mouth was against mine as it curved into a wry smile. Within seconds, he took my face in his hands before his lips swallowed mine whole. A stifled moan escaped from me into his starving mouth as our tongues moved frantically to taste one another. I loved the controlled way he always grabbed my face when he kissed me. This time was different from any other moment we’d been together because it lacked any trace of caution or hesitation. He was unapologetically taking what he wanted, and I was fully letting him. We were both on the exact same page, surrendering to what our bodies needed, and nothing was off limits. If it weren’t for the fact that he was leaving in an hour, this would have been like a dream come true. But we were on borrowed time, and we both knew it.

His hands slid slowly down my back as he grabbed my ass, pushing me against his erection and kissing me hard. He sucked my bottom lip before releasing it slowly. “Last chance to stop me.”

“Make every second count,” I said in between kisses. “For the next hour, my body is yours, Banks.”

“I’ve only waited a decade to hear you say that.”

That was where the conversation ended. Justin pressed his rock hard chest into me, pushing me into the window. My back was against the glass as he began to kiss me so hard that my lips hurt from the suction. My hands took on a mind of their own, eager to explore him. I threaded my fingers through his hair, rubbed my palms down his chest, gripped his ass. Overwhelmed, I wished I could touch every single part of him at once.

“It’s going to be a while before we get to do this again. We need to make it last,” he said as he fisted my hair and bent my head back. He kissed down my neck slowly. “Don’t ever forget that I respect the hell out of you,” he said as he stuck his hand up my dress and grabbed onto my panties.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I’m about to fuck you full of disrespect.” He ripped my underwear off, the elastic burning my thighs from the friction.

My pussy was already wet and ready for whatever he had in mind. Whereas before he had gently kissed down my throat, now he was sucking hard on the skin at the base of my neck. I felt two of his fingers slip inside of my opening. His mouth stilled on my neck the moment that they were fully deep inside me. He said something unintelligible as he shook his head slowly in ecstasy before suddenly flipping me around so that I was facing the glass.

He pulled his fingers out and almost immediately I felt the burn of his cock replacing them as he sunk into me. “Fuck,” he muttered.

I hadn’t expected him to take me so soon. From the sound he let out when he was all the way inside of me, I don’t think even he expected to lose control so fast.

It felt painfully pleasurable as my skin stretched to open for him. Justin’s cock was thick. I’d always admired its girth, but it was another experience altogether to actually feel how completely he filled me—skin to skin. He hadn’t put a condom on, which surprised me. I was too weak to question it, enjoying the raw sensation too much to think about anything else. But I’d come prepared.

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