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‘Do you believe this?’

Holding her firm with one hand, he cupped her face with the other and brushed her mouth with his lips until he drew a ragged moan from the very depths of her soul. ‘I don’t think you want to leave just yet, do you, Lisa?’

She was trembling as he teased the seam of her mouth with his tongue, and then because she wanted to, because she had to, because she couldn’t stop herself, she pressed herself against him, and then her mind was wiped clean of everything but the need to have sex with him.

Tino removed her tailored trousers in one easy movement with the cobweb-fine briefs she was wearing under them. She gasped with relief hearing the foil package rip. ‘Oh, yes, please.’ And burrowed her face into his chest as he lifted her…

It was the most reckless thing she had ever done. The windows were unshuttered, the drapes fully open. Anyone walking past couldn’t miss what was happening inside the room. It only fuelled her excitement.

Tino lowered her down on top of the boardroom table and lifted her legs to lock them around his waist.

‘This is madness.’

‘Yes, isn’t it?’ he agreed.

He was so matter-of-fact he made her mad for him, and when his warm breath tickled her ear she shuddered uncontrollably.

‘This is what you want, isn’t it, Lisa? It’s what we both want.’

Her eyes were growing heavy-lidded with desire. ‘It’s what we both need,’ she agreed throatily.

‘Oh, yes, we need it,’ Tino murmured as he passed the tip of his erection between her legs. ‘You’re so wet.’

She leaned back against his arm at a better angle for him.

‘You’re so beautiful,’ he teased, drawing back a little, ‘maybe I’ll just look at you instead.’

‘Don’t, Tino,’ Lisa warned. ‘I can’t wait any longer.’

‘In that case…’

A low moan of pleasure flowed from her lips as he eased himself into her.


‘Much, much better,’ Lisa agreed, closing her muscles around him as her voice tailed away. She felt wonderful… he completed her…

‘There’s no hurry… just relax, and enjoy yourself.’

He behaved as if they had all day, as if they were alone on the island! ‘But if anyone should come around the back of the villa—’

‘The only person who is going to come is you, and, after that, me.’

His tone was dry and amused, but Lisa detected a strand of tension. The possibility of discovery excited him, she realised. ‘You have less to lose than I do if we are discovered.’

‘Is that so?’ He thrust deep, forcing her to collapse against him with a groan of delight.

‘It’s true,’ she managed to gasp. ‘You will be hailed as a stud, whereas I—’

‘Talk far too much.’

If Tino hadn’t been holding her so securely she might have slipped to the floor, Lisa realised as they both recovered from what had been a shattering climax. She was reluctant to let him go, reluctant to stand alone, reluctant to lose the warmth of his body, and the wonderful feeling of security his strength always gave her.

‘Do you feel a little better now?’ he teased softly, nuzzling his rough chin against her neck.

‘A little better.’

‘But not fully sated?’

‘Are you?’ She let her hands slide up his arms, relishing the feel of naked power flexing beneath her searching fingertips.

Tino smiled as he eased out of her, and then he looked past her out of the window. ‘What perfect timing.’ Moving in front of Lisa, he shielded her.

Then she saw the group of men heading for the beach. ‘You knew,’ she breathed incredulously. ‘You knew they could walk past here at any moment.’

‘Don’t tell me the possibility of discovery didn’t excite you too?’

She couldn’t admit that it had.

‘Do you think I got all this by being cautious?’ he gestured around.

‘No, I don’t suppose you did.’ But did she want to become part of his risk culture?

‘So, Lisa—do you still want to rush back to the UK when we sign the contract?’

Truthfully, no. Even with all the warnings she’d been giving herself she still wanted him. She wanted him so badly she knew it was dangerous… out of control. ‘I must reassure everyone at Bond Steel as soon as I can.’ That was the perfect excuse—so why couldn’t she just turn away from him and stay safe?

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