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“We won’t hurt you. We’ll never hurt you. Only pleasure.”


Luke moved to sit on the side of the bed. He put the wooden object down and slipped a hand between my legs, below Walker’s. His fingers slipped over my folds as Walker continued to touch me in that forbidden place.

My eyes slipped closed at their erotic touch.

As Walker continued to lightly circle my bottom, Luke slipped a finger into my pussy.

“I can feel my seed.” Luke groaned. “I’m hard, Celia, knowing your pussy’s marked by me, and soon by Walker, too.”

The pleasure, the need, was instant. I was so sensitive inside that Luke’s finger made me cry out. My hips shifted, which pushed Walker’s thumb harder against my untried hole. It didn’t hurt. Quite the opposite actually.

“Ride our fingers, doll. Rub your clit on me. Yes, like that.”

It was easy to slip into need, to forget that I was naked on top of one man as his thumb was insistent on gaining entry to my virgin bottom while another finger fucked my well-used pussy. I wanted to come, to feel like I had the night before. And so I moved my hips, rubbed that bundle of nerves Walker called a clit against the sheet. All the while, the men moved their fingers about.

Walker’s thumb moved away briefly to slide over my inner thigh, then returned, coated in my arousal. It made the digit slippery and when he pushed gently against that tender opening, it flowered open for him, if only just a little bit.

I cried out at the odd sensation of being stretched, but it wasn’t bad. In fact, it felt really, really good. So good that I moved my hips even more, which only slid his thumb in even a tiny bit further. He didn’t move it, just kept it still, stretching me, letting me adjust to the feeling of something there, even if just negligibly.

It made my hands clench the hard muscles of Walker’s arms as I lifted and lowered my hips, circled them. It was so warm in the room that sweat broke out on my skin. I knew what it felt like to come now and I was close.

Walker murmured dirty little things in my ears, about how he couldn’t wait to open my ass up more with the plug. Luke whispered about how much I liked their touch, how much he couldn’t wait to get his cock back inside my tight heat.

Everything coalesced into bright, hot need and when Luke curled his finger in some magical way, I came. Nothing could hold it back. Nothing could hold back my scream of pleasure either as I clenched down on them inside me, as if my body didn’t want them to leave, but wanted them deeper instead.

Walker’s thumb slipped from me first, his other hand sliding up and down my sweaty back. Luke moved his finger in a way that wrung the last bit of pleasure from my body. Only then did he pull away. I moaned at the loss, for while I enjoyed the dexterity of his finger, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t long enough or thick enough. I needed his cock.

“Luke,” I moaned as he stood and began to strip, eager to join us in bed.

I watched as his body was quickly exposed. He was heavier than his brother; where Walker was lean, Luke’s build was more muscular and solid. His hips were narrow and I didn’t even take a moment to look at his legs, for his cock was right there. It was thick and long as I remembered it, but the color in daylight was a ruddy red and I couldn’t miss the thick vein that ran down the side of it or the clear fluid that seeped from the tip.

“Fuck,” I heard Walker mumble, just before he shifted me so I was on my back, my head on the pillows. He pushed the sheet back and climbed from the bed, not looking back. My mouth fell open as I watched him move across the room, rejecting me.

Luke took his place, kneeling on the edge and then moving on top of me. Braced on his forearms by my head, he cupped my face with his hands.

“I’ll prepare for our departure.” Walker’s voice came from across the room and I heard clothes rustling, then his bare feet on the wood floor as he left the room.

I frowned, but Luke’s thumb stroked the crease in my brow away. “Didn’t I… please him?”

Luke sighed. “He will protect you, Celia, from anything that might harm you. But he also protects his heart.”

I just stared at Luke as I considered his words. “I’ve known you both less than a day. Is his heart that much in jeopardy?”

Luke settled his hips between mine and his hard cock slipped over my folds, then sank into me.

“Fuck, yes.”

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and gave myself over to Luke. Yes, perhaps he was right. I’d never felt anything like this with John, and we’d been married five years. Perhaps the reason why I was so concerned that Walker left was because I worried for my own heart where he was concerned.

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