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The only similarity to what I’d done with John was the position. Earlier, Luke had been on top of me, just has John had always done. But with Luke, I’d been naked and eager and wet and he’d made me come. Again. He’d done it by sucking on one of my nipples as he brushed his fingers over my clit. John had never done either of those things. I’d never even gotten wet before.

I’d loved it all with Luke and Walker. Every bit of it. I just had to reconcile what I’d been raised to believe compared to what we were doing. I should be chaste and modest. I was not. I should be meek and submissive. I wasn’t meek, but I seemed to be even more submissive than I ever thought. I’d loved the way the men dominated me. My mind, my body, my pleasure.

But they hadn’t pushed or demanded when they could have easily overpowered me. John had expected compliance, acquiescence to his husbandly needs. I’d never told him no, but I had to wonder if he would have taken me even if I’d denied him.

Walker and Luke had asked first, gained consent before they even kissed me. They were honorable, yet did an honorable man want to fuck my ass? And yet Walker seemed doubtful about something. Not me, but perhaps he had some issues as he’d been married before. Was that why he’d rejected me? Had it been too much to play with my ass? Was I too much?

I had to assume the answer was yes, but—

“You said yourself you have no winter clothing. Not even a coat or gloves. Your dresses are made of cotton, not wool. Even your stockings are for warm weather,” Luke said. “While there are premade dresses at the shop in Slate Springs, it is better to be well supplied in advance of the long winter.”

He tucked my hand into the crook of his arm as we walked down the street. My new coat, a lovely shade of blue, was thick and heavy. The kid gloves were lined with rabbit fur. But neither kept me as warm as the feel of Luke against my side, who seemed to be warm even in the coldest of weather. I assumed Walker was the same way, but he walked two steps behind us for propriety’s sake.

“The livery is just a block away. Are you comfortable walking that far for us to get our horses?” Luke asked.

They’d told me we were to ride horses to Slate Springs, stopping overnight in a town called Georgetown on the way. I’d never heard of it, but both men assured me it would be a comfortable night. By the looks in their eyes, I assumed by comfortable they meant pleasurable. My pussy, which was a little sore and definitely tender, clenched at the idea of being between them again.

I was about to reply with a simple yes when I saw someone and I stopped as if my feet froze to the ground. My heart skipped a beat as I looked across the busy thoroughfare and saw Carl Norman. He was of average height with dark hair and equally dark eyes and could hide easily among the people walking along the city sidewalk. But it was his tanned skin that set him apart. While the sun was bright, overly so, in Colorado, no one walking past had skin the color of caramel, indicative of life in a warmer climate.

Luke didn’t expect my stop and kept walking, tugging me along a step. Walker put his arms on my shoulders to keep from running into me.

“What is it, doll?” he asked, turning his head to where I was looking.

I stared across the street intently, Carl’s eyes directly on mine. Oh God, he’d found me. All my fears hadn’t been unwarranted. He was here watching me.

The corner of his mouth tipped up in a wicked smile. I gasped, then pinched my lips together. I hadn’t told either man about Carl, that he wished me dead, even threatened to kill me for what I’d done to his brother. I’d sputtered to him when he’d cornered me in the alley that I’d done nothing. I hadn’t pulled the trigger that killed two people. But Carl hadn’t seen it that way and sought revenge. Sought revenge for the only witness to his brother’s crime, who helped in his conviction, and ultimately, execution.

“Doll?” Walker repeated and I looked over my shoulder at him.

He looked across the street—God, I had to hope he hadn’t noticed Carl—then looked down at me, studied my face.

My eyes darted to where Carl was, but he was gone. I looked up and down the sidewalk on the other side of the street, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Had he really been there? Had my mind played a trick on me? Was I so afraid of him following me that I was putting his face on strangers?

“What’s the matter, Celia?” Luke asked. “You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

Should I tell them? Should I let them know that their wife possibly had a crazy man after her? Would they even believe me? Would they change their minds about me, leaving me here in Denver? I’d rather be up in Slate Springs with a snowed-in pass, but that would only happen if they took me with them. I could tell them the truth, but later when I was sure Carl couldn’t get to me.

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