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I rubbed my cheek over the feel of his suit jacket. “Ride?”

“Do you want his cock?” Walker asked.

I nodded against his chest.

Walker lifted me so I stood before him, his hands on my hips to keep me steady. “Then go straddle his thighs.”

Luke watched me approach, his gaze narrowed, his jaw tense and leisurely stroked himself. Fluid continuously dripped from the slit and down over his fingers in a blatant sign of his need.

“Take off your nightgown.” Luke’s voice was dark and raw. While it was commanding, he wasn’t trapping me, wasn’t forcing me. It was my decision, my choice to follow his command.

His order sent a shiver through my body and I eagerly complied, lifting my nightgown up and over my head, letting it fall to the floor. I knew both of them could see me then, see how hard my nipples were, see my arousal slick and shiny on my thighs.

I put one knee on the seat cushion right by his hip, then placed a hand on his shoulder for balance as I moved the other.

As I hovered above him, Luke continued to work his cock as he looked at me, at my breasts, which were right at eye level.

“Drop down, sweetheart.”

I lowered myself; his blunt head nudged my pussy and I shifted my hips, letting the wet tip slip over my swollen folds and then settle against my wet entrance.

He kept a hand about his cock as his other went to my hip, guiding me to lower down. Slowly, ever so slowly he parted my folds and worked his way in, stretching and opening me up. My eyes flared wide as he went in. He felt bigger than the previous night, but perhaps it was the position.

I lifted up at the hint of discomfort, took a breath, then lowered again, this time dropping a little lower. I did that, up and down over and over until he filled me to the brim, his hand moving away. There was a slight nip of pain at being too full. My breath came in little pants as I shook my head, knowing I hadn’t taken all of him.

“Luke, I... you’re too big this way.”

He shook his head, looked at me with hooded eyes.

“Shh, I’ve got you.”

His hands on my hips, he tilted me back just a bit and that changed angle had him sliding in all the way. We both cried out at that. I slumped forward and rested my forehead against his, our breaths mingling as I adjusted to being so completely full. My inner walls clenched and pulsed around him, adjusting to his size as he remained still.

They’d been right, I’d needed the preparation, the two orgasms to soften my body before I could accept such a thick and long cock. I couldn’t remain still any longer and I began to lift and lower myself, all the pleasure and need returning in full force. I wanted to come again. The way Luke gripped my hips, he was just getting started.



My balls ached to fill her. Shit, just watching her ride Luke’s cock—again—had me almost coming in my pants. Hell, it had been torture getting her pussy all slick and soft with my fingers and watching as Luke ate her out. It seemed I was a masochist. While I wanted to sink into her more than anything, I was getting off on seeing her with Luke.

I could only imagine the feel of her around Luke’s cock and I had to wonder how he hadn’t blown his load yet. Undoing my pants, I pulled out my cock, relieved to not be so confined and gave it a long hard stroke. Squeezing the base, I tried to stave off my own orgasm. I didn’t want to come all over my fingers like a randy teenager, but instead deep inside of Celia. I wanted to feel Luke’s seed easing my way, then to add mine to her greedy pussy, marking her both of ours once and for all.

Luke had pulled me out of my funk, had made me realize I’d been an asshole to Celia. Climbing out of bed when she’d been so generous and open, letting me play with her ass for the first time, had been downright cruel. I’d been in denial about how much she’d affected me. No longer. I was part of this marriage now. I was her husband and I was going to prove that to her for the rest of my life.

We were starting off slow, easing we could show her some more unusual aspects of fucking, as I knew now she’d be shy, but quite eager. While we’d primed her pussy for our cocks, we were also preparing her mind for more. Easing her into what it was really like between husbands and their wife. It could be anything we wanted. Tender or tawdry, tame or wild. Neither Luke nor I were mild lovers. We’d discover what she liked, where on her body made her moan, made her wet. Only then would she truly be ours, for she’d give us everything. It had started this morning when Luke had showed her one of the plugs he’d picked up at the brothel and when we made her come while playing with her ass.

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