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Luke grabbed the plug and a jar of lubricant from the side table. Knowing we’d use it on her, to prepare her for taking her together, he’d brought it into the parlor with him as we waited for her to finish her bath.

Unscrewing the lid, he dipped two fingers into the jar and coated the plug generously before handing it to me.

I held it up for Celia to see, glistening as it was in the firelight. “You liked it when I touched you earlier.”

She looked at the plug, then at me. Bit her lip.

“You’re going to like this.”

Stepping closer, I slipped my fingers over her pussy, Luke’s seed coating the tips of my fingers. I used it when I slid back and touched her puckered entrance. Coating it thoroughly, I gently circled it as I’d done earlier in the hotel room, then gently pushed inward, insistent yet patient.

“Breathe, doll. That’s it. Good girl.”

I didn’t stop, didn’t relent, but let her body soften and surrender. All at once, her untried hole flowered open to my finger and it slipped in.

She groaned and her head dropped between her arms, but she didn’t move.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Walker, I—”

Nothing else came out as I slowly moved my finger in and out, just to the first knuckle, mimicking what my cock would eventually do, but deeper. Luke went around the couch to stand before her, to tilt her head up and kiss her.

He swallowed her moans and cries of pleasure as I continued to open her up.

She gasped when I pulled out, but I didn’t leave her empty for long. Pressing the hard, slick plug against her, I carefully worked it into her.

Luke cupped her breasts, which hung down heavily. Taking hold of her nipples, he tugged on them, stretching them to the point where her face was strained. The combination of the nipple play and the plug widening her virgin asshole was too much for her. With my free hand, I brushed my fingers over her swollen clit and she came. I pushed the plug in all the way, watched as she closed about the narrow neck, the dark base a beautiful sight between her spread cheeks.

A wild scream escaped her lips and she tossed her head back, her hair long down her bare back. It was a beautiful sight, seeing her give over to the more decadent and dark aspects of fucking. And she loved it.

Uninhibited and perfect. She didn’t hold anything back.

I couldn’t wait a moment longer. I had to be inside her. I lined my cock up with her slick entrance. “I’ll never tire of you. Of this,” I murmured.

Slowly, I pushed in, her passage slick from Luke’s seed, but the plug made her so very tight. Her languid state eased her body, allowed me entrance. She wanted this. The way her fingers turned white on the back of the couch, she needed it too.

Luke continued to play with her breasts as if he couldn’t keep from touching her.

“Walker,” she breathed, her head falling down between her arms once again, as if it were too much to hold it up. Her back arched and she pushed her ass back so that I filled her all the way.

“Have you ever fucked like this before?” I asked. My voice was gritty and rough as I moved in and out.

She shook her head, her hair falling free of the pins.

“Do you like this, doll? Do you like it from behind?” I stilled deep inside her, waiting. “Do you like a plug in your ass?”

“Yes. Walker, please move!” She clenched and squeezed, shifted her hips.

Sliding my hand down the length of her spine, I began to work the plug in and out of her, in a rhythm with my cock.

“Walker!” she cried, looking over her shoulder at me with widened eyes in surprise as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I grinned and moved once again. “Like that, do you?”

“I… I never—”

“You will, with us. This is what it will feel like when we fuck you at the same time, but we’re bigger than the plug.”

The idea of fucking her there, of being the first to do so pushed me to the brink. There was no way to hold off my release.

“I’m going to come, doll. See what you’ve done to me. Made me like a randy kid.”

I thrust once, twice, as I continued to play with the plug in her ass, then groaned as my seed emptied from my balls, coating her pussy, filling it so that it slipped out around my cock and down her thighs.

With my free hand—I didn’t move my thumb from playing with her—I reached around and fingered her hard little clit. She was so close, so sensitive, it took only a few gentle caresses to make her come again. Her inner walls milked the last of my seed from me.

Leaning forward, I kissed down her back, tasting her salty sweat, feeling the frantic beat of her heart beneath my lips. She’d taken both of us so beautifully. Her inhibitions slipped to the floor like her nightgown and she’d given herself to us entirely. For that, I was in awe. Enthralled.

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