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Jake arched one thick, black brow. “If Aaron wants to speak to you, he’ll be in touch,” he said, his gaze sweeping slowly over Sarah’s furious face then sliding down her body.

Never one to back down from authority or men who thought that because they had dicks, they were smarter, Sarah narrowed her eyes. “Like what you see?” She thought of Lainey’s night of wild sex. Too bad she was stuck with this man. There’d be no indulging in her own fantasy of wild crazy sex with a stranger in an elevator.

Jake took his time looking at Sarah. He returned his gaze to hers. “The cut and style of your suit doesn’t do you justice, Ms. Sweeney.”

Furious, Sarah spun around then cried out when the heel of her shoe snapped. She flung out her arms and found herself crushed against Jake who’d yanked her hard against him to keep her from falling. She was surprised that he was all hard, lean muscle. No soft flab beneath his suit jacket that probably cost more than her entire outfit, jewelry included. She felt his heart beating against hers and drew in a deep breath of his clean scent.

With her heart thudding in her throat, Sarah stared into Jake’s eyes. His gaze wasn’t dull and indifferent now. His eyes were sharp, bold, and sexy as hell. His arm around her waist tightened, drawing her harder against him. Her arms had gone instinctively around his neck.

Her gaze dropped to his mouth, inches from hers. She had to admit that he had the most amazing set of lips: full, soft, and so damned tempting. She licked her own lips.

He smiled softly, his lips parting as though he knew what she was thinking.

Realizing who held her, and where her thoughts were taking her, she tried to step back. “Ah, you can let me go, Mr. Anders.”

“Can’t let you fall and break your ankle now can we Ms. Sweeney.” His mouth was a breath away from hers.

Sarah cleared her throat. Gone was the cool and indifferent voice. “No, because then I can’t get you your damn reports…”

His head dropped lower. His lips brushed hers.

The energy and sparks that had flared between them from the moment he’d stepped into her office burst into life. She gasped and his mouth closed over hers. Sarah’s lips parted in welcome and invitation. He didn’t disappoint. She kissed him back, and when his tongue slipped over her lips and delved deep, she opened her mouth and moaned.

Jake pulled her tighter against the hard wall of his chest. Sarah clung to him as she explored his mouth, her tongue seeking his and running over his teeth and lips. His groan fueled her own. His hands stroked up and down her back and urged her closer. The kiss shocked her. Nothing dull or uninteresting about the man now. He knew how to kiss!

And his hands! They were stroking her as though she were a purring cat. Down her spine, across her shoulders, down over her hips. She arched into him, felt his arousal and thought, damn, maybe she’d have sex after all!

She tipped her head back when Jake began trailing kisses along her jaw then down her throat. His hands cupped her bottom, pressing her hard against him. God, she was aroused. Her panties were damp. She slid her hands over his shoulders, then up the hard wall of his chest. “Jake…”

Without warning the elevator jerked and began its upward climb. Sarah stumbled back, horrified by what she’d done. Jake looked as shocked as she felt. Then he shrugged. “Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can get back to work.”

“You…” Sarah hobbled on her broken heel to the other side of the elevator and slipped out of her shoes. She picked up her briefcase. “You weasel! You’re the one with the roving bedroom eyes.” When the doors slid open on the top floor, she stormed out.

The fire in Sarah’s eyes pleased Jake more than he wanted to admit. She wasn’t as indifferent to him after all. Spotting the broken heel of her shoe on the elevator floor, he snatched it up and put it in his pocked then followed her down the corridor. She walked with as much dignity as she could in her stocking feet to her office, her shoes dangling from her fingers.

“Ms. Sweeney, fifteen minutes. My office.”

Jake grinned as he went into his uncle’s office. At the window, he stared out at the neon lit-up night.

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