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He looks down at me and licks his lips, not giving an inch. I’m naked except for a pair of peach-colored cotton panties. I know what he’s going to say, and I know I’ll show him.

“Let me see it, Sophie,” he whispers.

I cream a little at his words and slowly reach down, giving him what we both want. Pulling my panties to the side, I show him my wet pussy and wait for his reaction.

He grunts and slips his hand down to his cock, pulling it out.

My nipples are hard and aching, and I use my other hand to pinch them a little, still holding my panties to the side for his pleasure.

He hovers over me, closer to me than he’s ever been when he’s done this before. His throbbing cock is only inches away from my virgin pussy.

I ache to have him inside me, filling me with all ten inches. I want him to stretch me and make me fit him. I want to be stuffed full of him: his cock and his cum. The dirty thoughts make my pussy clench.

“Fuck, Sophie. I can see it pulsing. Goddamn, you want it bad, don’t you, baby?”

I nod my head, giving in and letting him know how much I want it.

“Maybe just a little tease for both of us?”

“Please, Bruce.”

“Shit. Okay, but just for a second.”

He leans forward a little, and I watch as the tip of his cock barely touches my opening. Feeling the warm head of his cock against me makes my pussy clench again, and he moans at the feeling.

“Oh, fuck, do that again baby.”

He pulls back a little and spreads the wetness on the end of his cock down his shaft, jerking it a few times. He leans back in and puts the head of his cock against me, not pushing in, just holding it there.

I feel his warmth and squeeze my pussy, gently kissing the tip of his dick with my virgin opening.

He jerks back and rubs his cock some more, faster and harder this time. “Fuck, I want to cum in you so bad, but I can’t, Sophie.”

I’m so turned on and so close to the edge myself, I start to beg. “Please, Bruce. Please. I’m so close.”

He lets out a grunt, and leans back against me, touching the head of his dick to my slit again. He still doesn't push in, and it’s our only point of contact. It’s the only place our bodies are touching, and my body is on fire.

I feel him press in a little, his cock hitting my virgin barrier.

“That’s it, Sophie, that’s your virginity. I’m going to cum in you without breaking it though. Just squeeze me, like before.”

His cock pulses a little, and I can feel his heartbeat between my legs. I squeeze my pussy muscles to the beat. I pinch my nipple, getting closer and closer to the edge.

“Fuck, that’s it, baby.” He pushes a little more against my hymen but doesn’t breach it. I feel his cock swell and start to jerk as he shouts out.

His warm cum splashes inside my virgin pussy, and the feel of him cumming inside me sends me over the edge, my orgasm ripping through me.

As I shout out my release, I feel his mouth latch on to my nipple and I skyrocket to the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Our only bodily contact is through his cock touching my pussy and his mouth on my nipple, and I cum so hard and long I nearly pass out.

When it’s over and I’m trying to catch my breath, his gives my nipple one gentle kiss and pulls away from me fully, tucking his hard cock back into his shorts.

He looks down at my pussy, and I can see regret on his face.

“Are you going to run out of here and apologize for touching me again?” I snap, pissed off that he just killed my buzz.

“The only thing I’m sorry for is that I can’t fuck you the way I want to.” With that, he gets up and storms out of the room.

After a few minutes of lying there, I feel a smile creep across my face. He’s close to breaking, and I can’t wait until he does.

Chapter 11


Today is the day I meet the lawyer to finalize the details of Debra’s estate. Today is the day I absolve myself of any paternal responsibilities for Sophie. And my feelings for her are most definitely not paternal.

I’ve never had someone consume me the way she does. I’ve forgotten everything that was important to me, and I’ve only got her on my mind.

My priority was always work. Whatever came after that was much farther down the list. But since meeting Sophie, she’s the only thing I see. Work doesn’t exist, and while it’s driving me crazy, I love it. I’m consumed by something that I actually want, not something that I thought I needed to do. No, this was for me. Something I’ve chosen for myself.

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