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She moaned, “Yes,” against my lips, and I knew she was close. I slid my hands down the wall at the first twinge of her cunt tightening around me and cupped her ass to keep her on me as we rode each other toward that final moment when the two of us came. Her losing control and giving in to what I made her feel pushed me close to the edge. Biting my lip, she cried out as her release tore through her, and I watched as the woman I loved exploded around me, drenching my cock with her juices.

As the tiny tremors of her release began to subside and Nina eased her hold on my neck, I pushed her hard against the wall one last time, burying my cock inside her as I came so hard my legs nearly buckled underneath me. My fingers dug into her cheeks while I held on as my cock released into her.

Sweaty but satisfied completely, I looked down and kissed her on the lips, softer now. “And they say married sex is boring.”

Nina smoothed the damp hair that clung to my forehead and pressed her lips to mine in one of her gentle kisses she always gave me after we’d made love. “They don’t know this married couple, I guess.”

Pressing my forehead to hers, I said quietly, “No, they don’t. What do you say to continuing this in our bedroom, Mrs. Stone?”

“Well, since we christened this room, I guess we could head into the bedroom. Have anything particular in mind?”

Slowly, I slid out of her and placed her on her feet. “I think you on top would work,” I said with a smile.

She stood up on her toes and kissed me, whispering, “Your wish is my command. Lead the way, Mr. Stone.”

Chapter Four


Within a week, Nina and I received the good news that even though her pregnancy had been unconventional up to that point, she was fine and everything was going just as it should, except for the fact that we’d missed the first three and a half months of it.

And then she had her first ultrasound and our lives were instantly turned upside down.

I’ll never forget the words the technician spoke as she slowly pressed her probe against Nina’s abdomen. “I think we’re looking at twins, Mr. and Mrs. Stone.”

Twins. Two babies just like I’d dreamed about on our wedding night. The tech couldn’t tell us the sex of the twins, but we were having two children. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Twins obviously ran in my family, but I guess I’d always believed the general idea that they skipped a generation.

Nina looked up at me wide-eyed and squeezed my hand. “Twins! Just like that dream you had that night. Wouldn’t it be incredible if it was twin girls, Tristan?”

“It would,” I mumbled as I tried to decipher the small forms on the screen in front of us. Our children. Our daughters or our sons. Right there growing with each moment as we spied on them. Would they look like Nina with her soft blue eyes and light brown hair? Or would they be tall like me and have my eyes? Would they tend toward being quiet or would they have their mother’s trait of loving to talk?

All of these thoughts raced through my mind as those two grey spots became real to me in that moment.

Nina beamed her happiness as the technician talked about how great a view we were getting and how our children seemed to be naturals at mugging for the camera. There were jokes about their innate good looks and charm too. All the while I stood there holding her hand amazed at the reality that we were going to have two tiny souls to add to our family in just a few months.

I drove us home as Nina talked and giggled about the babies. Still stunned, I headed in for a shower, hoping the water would help me get my head around the fact that our life together would be only us for a short time longer. I wished I didn’t have to spend so much time at work. It would be years until we would just be Tristan and Nina again, but a vacation wasn’t in the cards. Stone Worldwide needed me at the helm, especially with the new heart drugs making such great progress.

Nina sat on the edge of the bed gently running her hands over her belly and smiling like she had since the technician had given us the news. Looking up at me as I rubbed a towel over my wet hair, she said, “I still can’t believe it. Can you? Twins. It’s just so wonderful. I called Jordan while you were in the shower, and she nearly came through the phone she was so happy for us.”

“I have to admit I’m having a hard time believing it,” I said as I stepped into pajama pants. “I think we have some decisions to make.”

“Like what?” she asked, her eyes filling with fear.

I sat down next to her, and cradling her face in my hands, kissed her on the forehead. “Do we want to keep this house or move? If we want to stay here, where do we want the nursery?”

Nina’s fear evaporated and smiling again, she said, “I like this house. I know that sounds crazy since I hated it at first, but I want our kids to grow up here. As for the nursery, what’s wrong with the room down the hall from this one? It will be perfect.”

“When they get a little older, it won’t be big enough, especially if they’re girls.”

“Then we’ll buy another house, right?” she said as she ran her fingertips over my damp shoulders.

“Whatever you like. What about a nanny? We need to begin looking now.”

Nina shook her head. “I told you I didn’t want a nanny. I want to stay with the babies. The idea of a nanny makes me feel lonely for me and them.”

I ran the towel over my chest and stood to throw it in the hamper. “Nina, two babies at the same time is a huge job for just one person. Why wouldn’t you want some help?”

She thought about it for a moment. “I guess some help would be okay, but I don’t want to be one of those moms who never spends any time with her kids. You never know how long you have on this planet, Tristan. I want to make sure my kids know I love them and like being around them.”

Her veiled reference to her losing her mother worried me. Taking a seat next to her again, I asked, “Is there something you’re not telling me—something the doctor told you?”

“No, but I was afraid I might have what my mother had and that made me realize I don’t want to waste a minute of the time we have together with each other or our kids.”

“Speaking of that, you know it’s going to be a very long time before it’s just us again. At least eighteen years. We’ll be nearly fifty by the time the twins are off to college and we’re back to being just the two of us.”

Nina leaned back on her elbows and looked up at me mischievously. “What makes you think we’ll just have two children, Mr. Stone? Maybe I want more.”

I raised my eyebrows in not-so-fake surprise at the thought of a houseful of children. “You’re talking to a man who until quite recently never thought he’d have any kids. Now it’s more than two?”

“You’re the perfect kind of man to be a father, Tristan. You say very little and when you do speak, it’s usually some kind of order or something else serious. You’ll be great!”

I leaned over to kiss her, loving the feel of her soft skin beneath my lips as I made my way over to her ear. “You make me sound like I’m no fun at all.”

Nina ran her fingers through my hair and held my head where it was near her neck. “Mmm…I never said that. What you’re doing right now is pretty damn nice.”

Running my tongue over the shell of her ear, I nipped it with my teeth. “Well, I think we should see what else might be pretty damn nice. Don’t you?”

Her hands traveled down my back, her fingernails gently raking my skin. In my ear, she whispered, “I like the way you think. Anything in particular you have in mind?”

I raised myself up on my hands and hovered over her as I slid my hard cock over the front of her already damp panties. Staring down into her eyes full of need, I smiled. “A few things. Maybe I can change your mind about being that serious guy.”

* * *

The Jag felt good, like I hadn’t been in the driver’s seat for ages and now I was back where I belonged. Every inch of the interior shined like new, and I slid my hand over the console to the paddle, ready to take this perfect blend of machine and beauty on the ride of my life. The highway stretched out before me begging to be mastered. The engine revved as I stepped my foot on the gas pedal, but I needed more speed. Wanted more speed. I shifted into third gear and the force of the car lurching forward pinned me back in my seat, the leather enveloping me as I pushed the speedometer past ninety toward a hundred miles an hour.

Nothing in this world—not money, not sex, not anything—made me feel this alive. The Jag hugged the road, eating up the asphalt as it flew by cars like they were standing still, each one a different colored blur as I raced toward some unknown destination.

Music played on the car’s stereo, but the sound of my heart pounding from pure excitement drowned out whatever song was on. Every ounce of me melded into this machine to make us one. It controlled me as much as I controlled it. I pushed it past a hundred and ten miles an hour, and the car took me along, holding me in to feel the rush of power as the wind slid over the roof, no match for the Jag or me.

I watched out the windshield as we passed trees that looked more like green and yellow streaks against the perfect blue sky that never moved. It alone held dominance over our speed. My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, but tiny beads of sweat formed on my palms as my brain screamed, “Too much! Slow down! You can’t handle this!”