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The article says that British Billionaire Henry Thomas imprisons women in a small house at the back of his property. It goes on to say they freed me, keeping my identity private to protect my rights. Wonderful. At least my face isn't showing. Everything else sure is.

"So, that's where you were," Marty looks smug when he straightens, "Being a toy for a fucked-up billionaire." He glares at Sean. "If you hurt her—"

I want to curl into a ball and die, but I don't. I kick my legs off the side of the counter and glare at each of them. "I chose Sean. Get over it." I smile when I say the next part. "But thanks."

Sean's triumphant smirk falls with that last word. "If you hurt me, Marty will kill you."

"Of course, Miss Smith. No brooms."

I make a face. "No brooms, ever. Splinters!"

Marty's eyes go wide, and he shakes his head, walking out of the room without a word.

Sean helps me down, and I wrap my arms around his neck and press a kiss to his lips. "So what's next?"

"We do a test run."

"Where? Isn't this illegal?"

He nods. "Yes, so we picked carefully and chose a common enemy. Information is power."

"So this is going to be a dry run, as in it's a similar setup to what I'll face at my brother's place?"

He pushes a lock of hair away from my face, nodding. "Yes, the system will work the same way, except we'll know Henry hasn't tampered with it because we're not knocking his home security grid offline."

"We're not?"


"Then whose house are we testing it on?" I can't imagine someone that wouldn't kill us or turn us in if things go to hell, and it doesn't work. Plus, they need to have a kick-ass security system. "It needs to be someone concerned about break-ins, someone with much to lose."

Looking at me from under dark lashes, Sean folds his arms over his bare chest and smiles darkly. "Exactly, which is why we're testing it out on the residence of pain-in-the-ass madam, Miss Black. She's got Manhattan by the balls. Whatever she's hiding at home is ten times more valuable than anything in her office. Plus, she hates me. With any luck, you and Mel can disable the system while Marty and I steal what we need to end her once and for all."

* * *