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Cian nodded his head. “Yes. We will kill him. ”

Amaliya reached out and touched his hand on the steering wheel. His fingers slid over hers and caressed them.

“Let go of her,” Heather said in a dark tone.

Amaliya withdrew her hand and flipped off The Summoner/Heather. Cian chuckled and Heather leaned toward her from the back seat.

“You have no idea of the horrors I have designed for you. ” Heather's voice was female and soft, yet it held a power that was not human in any way.

“Fuck off,” Amaliya answered, and slid down into her seat.

She could tell by the signs that there were almost to the little ghost town in the Texas Hill Country. It seemed so damn dark out here, but the sky was amazing with its unhindered glory of stars. There was no glow on the horizon to reveal a hidden town. It was stark, black, and wild. Without a doubt, they were in the middle of nowhere.

Cian slowly settled his hands onto the bottom of the steering wheel. Watching him from the corner of her eye, she could tell he was considering a rash move. But she didn't want him to risk himself. Not now. Not after last night. Hell, not after the last few nights. Despite everything, he had shown more compassion toward her than anyone else in her life.

“I want to see him,” she said firmly.

Cian barely nodded as Heather shoved the gun so hard against his head he had to tilt his head to one side.

“Don't try anything!” Her voice was ragged and full of pain. It sounded more like a terrified woman now than a supernatural creature.

Amaliya wondered if The Summoner had turned his attention elsewhere as they drew closer.

“Slow down,” Heather said in a trembling, but firm voice. “We're almost there. He's waiting. ”

The Lexus slowed down as they drew near the outskirts of the dead town. A faded, peeling sign flashed by that read “Fenton, TX. Best Homemade Peach Cobbler in Texas!” The rural road they were traveling on seemed too narrow as the shoulders disappeared and the first decaying structure slid out of the darkness in front of them. It looked like a building from the late 1800's. Its windows were boarded up and it was surrounded by wild grass and foliage. Slowing down even more, the SUV glided toward a “Y” in the road. The rural road continued on and the split off lead up into the hills. Tucked into the “V” of the “Y” was an old motel that was completely falling apart. A young tree had pushed up through the front office and its branches spread out in a leafy roof over the crumbling building. Across from it was an old gas station that looked like something out of the mid-1930's. The old pumps were rusted over and listing to one side. Nearby was a row of buildings that once may have been restaurants or shops, but were now blackened husks.

“This town is seriously dead,” Amaliya decided.

The SUV slowly drove toward the old motel. Cian's gaze roamed over the town as he drove. “A perfect place for him. ”

“Stop when you reach the gas station and pull over,” Heather instructed.

Cian nodded and obeyed. Amaliya looked out at the old gas station with its broken out windows and faded advertising for Coca Cola.

“Nice. ”

Cian quirked a smile. “Just his style. Dead. ”

“Get out,” Heather ordered.

Amaliya and Cian both reached for the doors.

“No. Just her,” Heather said firmly.

Amaliya felt the first cold rush of fear slide over her skin and she looked toward Cian sharply.

Cian slowly turned in his chair. “No. We go together. ”

“If you try to get out, I'll shoot you in the head,” Heather answered and tears glimmered in her eyes.

“It's okay,” Amaliya said at last. She looked out the windshield over the dead town. “It's been coming to this point all along. I can do this. ”

Cian sighed and looked at her with his amazing eyes and said in a low voice, “I won't be far. ”

Not caring what Heather would do, Amaliya leaned over and pressed her lips against his in a soft kiss.

“Thanks for everything,” she said to him and before he could speak, thrust the door open and leaped out.