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She readied herself as the two things drew near. One of them had a major seam across its chest and she decided to try to aim for that. Maybe if she could get the shovel in deep enough, she could pry the sucker in half.

Stepping back, her foot hit something hard and she looked down to see a very old tire wedged into the ground. Just half of it loomed out of the dirt. She looked up to see the things barreling down on her. She deliberately took a few steps back, positioning the tire between her and the creatures. The monsters screeched as they drew near her. One of them shoved the other out of the way as it lunged toward her. The second creature sprawled in a tangle of limbs and cried out in frustration as it crashed to the ground.

She leaped back as the first creature came for her and she tripped backward onto the road just as its massive foot was caught by the tire and fell toward her. Quickly, she jumped to her feet and rushed it. She could clearly see where the seam cut across its midsection and she drove the shovel hard and deep into it. One of its massive hands gripped her leg and she screamed in pain as its nails dug into her. Leaning all her weight onto the shovel, she felt the body splitting apart as the thing howled beneath her.

Then, to her horror, the other creature suddenly loomed over her. Purely on instinct, she thrust out her hand at it and screamed, “Stop. ” Her cold blood from her arm splattered the thing and it staggered back. It's many eyes blinked and it's limbs trembled. She stood in shock over the thrashing creature at her feet as the other cowered and screamed before her.

Then she felt it.

That dark power was unleashed and flowing out of her. She could feel it, like a tentacle, pushing out of her and gripping the monster before her.

“Die,” she said in a cracking voice. “Die. ”

The thing screamed at her as it suddenly began to fall apart. Legs, arms, coils of intestine, organs, heads, and other terrible things fell from the thing until it was a pile of body parts before her. And then, the pieces began to sink into the ground.

She was so shocked, she forgot all about the monster she was trying to cut in half until it knocked her off her feet and clambered over her. The shovel hung out of it like some terrible parody of a limb and she braced herself on the ground and kicked it as hard as she could with one foot. The shovel finally sheared through the thing and it fell into two pieces beside her. Struggling to her feet, she reached out for the shovel. Her blood splattered over the thing at her feet and she felt repulsed by the sight of its many mouths opening to drink her blood.

“Fuck you,” she hissed at the faces from her nightmares now twisted into something far worse. “Die. Die. ”

The dark power inside of her twisted and writhed as it lashed out at the thing and she felt it impact with the creature. Those terrible licking mouths began to scream. Just as the other one had, it began to fall apart. Stumbling backward, she watched it disintegrate.

Tears flowing down her face, she clutched the shovel tightly in her hands and said in a low, commanding voice, “Die and don't fucking come back. ”

The body parts slowly sank into the soil, disappearing beneath the overgrown grass. She could feel The Summoner nearby. She could feel her own dark power, her inheritance from him, shivering around her.

Slowly, she turned around.

Behind her stood Rob. This time he was part of another creature. But the major part of the monstrous beast was Rob. To make matters worse, his penis wiggled and squirmed below his massive belly.

Sobbing, she backed away from him. “Die, you bastard” she whispered.

But he kept coming toward her on his six legs.

“Fuckin' die!” Her scream was terrified and frantic and it angered her. “Die, you sonofabitch! Die!”

The Rob-Creature's tongue darted out at her and licked its swollen lips. It's teeth glittered at her and its rank penis danced before her.

Lifting up the shovel, Amaliya braced herself. She would

not give into her fear. She would not give into her hatred of this thing.

“Banish this one and I may spare your life,” a voice said from the darkness.

“Fuck you, Summoner,” she hissed, and swung the shovel.

It impacted hard with Rob's head and actually dented in the side, but he still came for her. Again she swung. This time the shovel caught in his flesh and terrible black fluid poured from the wound. Yanking hard on the handle, she managed to dislodge the shovel and back up a few more feet. There were black seams where the Rob-Creature was bound together and she decided to aim for those. It was hard to ignore the putrid erection of the thing as it lunged for her again. She managed to drive the blade into the things hipbone, just above two of the legs, but its huge hand made of multiple arms snagged her about the waist and heaved her over its head.

As her feet left the ground, she screamed and felt the shovel handle slip from her grasp. Trying to kick and twist her body, she was held over the thing's head. It's tongue continued to snake out of its mouth as it gazed up at her with Rob's dead eyes. Slowly, it lowered her toward that terrible mouth and she realized it intended to lick her.

Screaming with revulsion, she slammed her fist into its meaty face over and over again. Pain jolted through her wounded forearm as her blood splattered over her and the creature.

“Aw, he adores you,” the Summoner's voice teased.

Kicking at it, she felt the giant gruesome hand tightening around her. To her horror, she saw one of its hands stroking its penis.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, and tried to drive her fingers into its face.

“Do you think God is listening?” The Summoner asked from the darkness. “Do you think He listens to the damned?”

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