Heather cried out, her fingers curling into her palms as she fought to rub the hard nipples of her breasts against the rough fabric of his cotton shirt. She moaned at the electric thrill that shot through them, arcing between her thighs, dampening her pussy further at the pleasure.

He held her securely as he backed her through the room. Each step was rife with anticipation, building in sexual tension as she waited for the feel of the bed behind her legs.

Heather had only a second to realize she was at the edge of the mattress before he pushed her down, his hands moving quickly to the snap and zipper of her jeans. Releasing them, he jerked the material down her legs then ripped her panties from her hips.

“Look at you,” he growled as he stripped hurriedly, staring down at her, his face flushed, his lips heavy with sensuality. “So damned tiny my lust for you terrifies me at times. Each time I watch my cock burrow into you, I’m amazed you can take me.”

There were times it amazed her.

“Sam.” She was panting with excitement now.

“I hope you’re ready for me, Heather,” he said softly as he freed the heavy, thick flesh of his cock from his jeans.

She licked her lips nervously. He was raging hard. The plum-shaped head pulsed in demand, the skin over the steel-hard shaft stretched tight.

“Turn over.” Her gaze flew to his as he muttered the order.

She knew what he wanted. In that second, she was well aware that the bad boy she had missed so desperately was back. And he was back with a vengeance.

“I haven’t…” She shook her head quickly. She wasn’t ready. She had stopped preparing herself for it when his lovemaking had become more tender, though no less hungry or demanding.

He smiled tightly. “That’s when it’s better, baby. So tight and hot I know my head will come off when I shoot my come inside that sweet ass. When I hear you scream, because you don’t know if it’s pleasure or pain.”

His jeans were discarded, his shirt thrown to the floor as he turned and removed the tube of lubricating gel from the bedside table.

“Turn over, Heather. Don’t make me tie you to the bed.”

She shivered at the demand. At the thought of being tied down.

“Like that thought, do you?” Several silk ties were snagged from the drawer then. “Let’s see how much.”

She fought him. She wasn’t about to give in without a fight. She struggled and cursed his easy strength as he dragged her up the bed, held her down and restrained her wrists to the slats of the headboard, spreading her thighs as he positioned himself between them. She was spread out for him, thighs spread, her cunt so hot and wet she could feel the juices lying thick along the tender lips.

“Damn, I could almost come just looking at you.” He leaned forward instead, his lips covering a painfully hard nipple as Heather cried out, arching against him, helpless now, wary of the streaking excitement that flashed through her blood stream. She liked it. Liked being vulnerable, tied down for his pleasure.

“Sam.” She bucked against him, so desperate for his touch now she knew she would go insane if he didn’t hurry and fuck her soon.

“Uh uh, baby.” He raised his head, his lips wet from his ministrations at her breast, his eyes dark, ravenous. “It’s time to see what you’re tempting. Next time you play games with me, Heather, you’ll think of this.”

Oh yeah. That was really going to s

care her, she thought. Then he pulled one of the toys that had gone unused from the table by the bed. Her eyes widened as he pulled it from its protective package.

The thick, supple dildo was nearly as large as his cock. He smiled wickedly as her eyes widened.

“I haven’t shared you all these months, Heather, for a reason,” he informed her silkily. “We made the decision. Me. Cade. Brock. No more sharing. Do you want to know why, baby?”

She shook her head, her breath catching as he pushed several pillows beneath her hips, elevating her, lifting her to give him better access to the small entrance she knew he was determined to take now. After arranging her as he wanted, he squeezed a thick row of the lubricating gel on his fingers.

“Yes, you do.” His voice was soft now, dangerous in its completely sexual intent. “I’m going to tell you anyway. Because when I do this…” His fingers tucked into her anal entrance. “And hear this…” He pushed two into her slowly, surely, as a long, tremulous cry tore from her throat. “I want to know it’s all for me.”

Heather’s back arched as he filled the small opening with his fingers, stretching her, sending a fiery pleasure streaking through her body so destructive she feared she would never survive it. Her cunt pulsed, gushed, sending its slick juices to mingle with the lubrication he was applying to the small channel, making his entrance that much easier. But it had been a while since he had taken her there. She was unprepared, the muscles tighter, exquisitely sensitive.

“Damn, Heather.” He grimaced with anticipation as she watched him. Watched as he tracked each move his fingers made in and out of her gripping channel. “Baby. It’s going to be so good.” He glanced up at her then, smiling wickedly as she trembled from head to toe.

His fingers thrust inside her slow and easy, parting the muscles, stretching them, preparing her as she cried out at the heat and pleasure/pain assaulting her body.

“It’s been so long,” he growled, his voice tight with anticipation. “I’ve been dying to burrow back inside your sweet little ass, Heather. Starving for it. I won’t wait any longer. And I’ll never wait again.”

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