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“After you left to make lunch, I was able to get new and fresh words on paper. Some of the best stuff I have written since arriving. Our little session did my muse good, and I plan to keep that happening. Sexual tension, which frankly I have felt since you walked in my door, is not good for my creative output. Whereas feeding the hunger is exactly what I need, what I want, and what I will expect from this point on.” He took a bite of food, which gave me the time to process the words he was saying. “So with that said, I understand this was not part of the original deal. I can’t expect this from you without renegotiation or offering you the chance to leave. So if you aren’t willing to accept the new job as I have morphed it, then I understand.”

“So you want what exactly?” I asked.

“You. I want you.”

Chapter Eight


The blush took over my entire body without warning. I looked away and tried to regain my composure. The notorious Price Anderson had a way of making me feel like a giddy little schoolgirl, and I hated it. But I did not hate him. No, my feelings were the polar opposite of hate, but just as powerful.

Price smirked. “I like the way you embarrass so easily. I’m starting to notice all the little things about you, and I’m finding I enjoy them all.”

I turned my head to look into Price’s smiling eyes. The soft wrinkles at the edges gave his sexy charm a sense of maturity. He kept my stare locked within his for what seemed like an eternity. His gaze single-handedly melted my heart. I oozed from the inside out. He had a power over my emotions that I was not used to allowing. His strength, his intoxicating dark demeanor, his aura just screamed out, ‘Man.’

Without looking away, Price slowly walked to my side of the table and leaned in toward me, with his mouth only inches from mine. “I want to feel your lips on me.”

He wasn’t asking permission, yet announcing his intent. So Price Anderson.

I looked down at his mouth and then back into his eyes and softly whispered, “I’d like that.”

He placed a hand on each side of my head, and softly pressed his lips to mine. The touch sent tingles through my entire body. Never had a simple kiss given me such a powerful, intense reaction with anyone else. It was just a kiss, and yet so much more.

The power this man had over me…

His lips moved slowly along mine until his tongue lightly pressed past my lips. The warmth and the wetness increased the desire building inside my core. His fingers caressed my hair softly as his tongue continued to explore. A kiss, a high-inducing kiss, was more than I could imagine. I could smell Price, taste Price, and feel Price. I hungered for more. I wanted the kiss to last forever—never wanting his lips to leave mine.

“You feel so right,” Price murmured between our entwined breaths.

The sound of his voice, muffled by the kiss, provoked an involuntary gasp, revealing how locked in his hold I had become. Never would I have thought I would feel so much power from a simple kiss. At that moment, the only thing I wanted was for him to never stop.

His hands moved down my back, and he pulled me to standing so we could be closer. My breasts pressed firmly to his rock-hard chest with only thin layers of cotton between us. As our bodies merged, our kiss became more frenzied. Price pressed his tongue deeper within my mouth. I responded by parting my lips wider and dancing my tongue with his. My breath mixed with his, my gasps swallowed by the kiss.

The all-consuming, most mind-blowing kiss.

A kiss that I never knew could exist. With one single kiss, Mr. Anderson—a man I should have avoided—had captured my heart even more than it had already been possessed by our passionate sex before.

Slowly pulling away, he looked deep into my eyes. His own glazed over as desire coursed across his face. He ran a single finger along my jawline and traced it along the edge of my needy lips. A small seductive smile formed as he leaned forward and kissed the tip of my nose.

We both stared at each other for a few moments, scanning each other’s face, searching for a peek into our souls.

“I don’t usually act like this. I don’t usually kiss… well, this is just not like me.” I felt the need to apologize, ashamed that I liked the kiss as much as I did. That deep down I didn’t want it to stop.

“This isn’t me, either.” He smiled. “To actually enjoy and crave a simple kiss like that so much. I kiss when I fuck, but not controlled like this. But with you…”