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He worked his cock, up and down, imagining being between her thighs. “Use two fingers,” he said.

She added a second finger, working her clit between the two. The lips of her pussy were slick with her arousal. Even with the small space between them, he could see how wet she was.

“Do you know what I want to do to you?”

She shook her head.

“I want to bury my cock balls deep inside you. You’d scream my name as I filled your cunt, Daphne. You’d be so tight and hot. Fuck, I could imagine you right now as you come. You’d squeeze me so tightly. I want to feel every single part of you. To have those full tits swinging in front of my face as I pound inside you. Only when you’d come on my cock so many times that you couldn’t think straight, I’d fill you, and I want to see you. That hole flowing with my cum.”

“That’s … dirty,” she said, breathlessly.

“Babe, I like it dirty. I want to coat every single part of you. To own you.”

“I’m not yours to own.”

“Not yet, but you’re close. You’re a virgin, but with how you are, I know you want to be dirty with me.” Her gaze was on his cock. “I bet you’ve imagined sucking on this, huh? Have you ever felt a dick between those lips?”

She shook her head.

“Then I’d show you how. I’d take my sweet time with you, getting those lips nice and ready. They’d look so good. You’d start off slow, and then I’d grab your head, making you take more of me, filling that sexy throat of yours so you swallowed my cock, almost choking on it. When I come, you’d swallow it and I’d watch you.”

She cried out.

With each word he spoke, she’d been increasing her strokes on her clit. He watched her come, feeling his own release. As he grunted, he saw her open her eyes, watching as he came, shooting his cum all over his shirt.

He wanted it to be inside her, but for now, he was just going to have to be happy that at least he got this.

They were both panting for breath.

“I’ve got to go and do something,” Daphne said, making her escape first. She didn’t take her panties.

After removing his shirt, he bundled it up, grabbing her panties and smiling to himself. They were his prize for today.


Daphne didn’t need any financial help.

Her grandmother and parents had made sure of it. The bed-and-breakfast he now sat in earned a great deal of money every single year. She had regular customers as well as new ones always willing to come here during every single part of the year. She never had a slow month.

They were always busy.

Micah threw his cell phone onto the coffee table and leaned back. He was in some sort of sitting room. A couple of books adorned the shelves. He wasn’t interested in reading. He’d wanted to do something to stand out to Daphne.

He had nothing she needed.

Her entire life was organized.

She was in complete control of it.

Rather than be pissed off, he should be happy, but where did that leave him?

“Hey,” Daphne said, surprising him.

He got up and turned toward the door.

“No, you don’t need to get up,” she said.

Her cheeks were flushed and she took the seat next to him.

“Was your phone call a problem?” she asked.

“Nothing that I can’t handle. Just some news that … I didn’t want to hear.”

“Sorry about that.”

He laughed. “You don’t need to be sorry.” Micah watched her smile at him. She’d sought him out. Why?

Her gaze moved around the room before coming back to him. “My grandma loved this room. This is where most people come to enjoy a nightcap. The windows had to be large so people got a gorgeous view of the sky. She was fascinated with the stars.”

“This entire place is beautiful.” He waited to see where she was going with this.

“Micah, about what you said yesterday, did you mean it?”

“I said a lot of things.” He tilted his head. “Which part?”

“The part about using you?” Her cheeks turned a nice shade of red, to which he chuckled.

“Yeah, I meant that part. I meant a great deal about it. What do you have in mind?” he asked.

Part of him expected her to run away. When she went toward him, standing between his thighs and then lowering down to the ground on her knees between them, he was ready and his cock stood to attention.

He kept his head rested in his hand as her hands moved up and down his thighs. She shook a little.

“I won’t bite, baby,” he said.

She looked up at him and nodded. Still, she took her time, torturing him with this touch.

Still, he waited.



Finally, she reached out, unbuttoning his pants, lowering his zipper, then easing him out of his pants. He didn’t wear boxers or any kind of underwear. He found it way too constrictive.

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